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Ice Sledges

Freeze water and sell it!
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That kind of sledges could be used in summer, on the surfaces of grass or so.

1 Freeze:
1.1. Needs a special refrigeration track for automatized freezing
1.3. Needs special molds
1.4. Needs pure water (as impure water is brittle)
1.5. Needs to create a person protection from wetness and coldness of ice

2 Sell:
2.1. An automatic selling machines could sell it. (The sledges could be produced and sold almost at the same place)

3. Advantages:
3.1. Ice thaws, so people will have to buy it again and again
3.2. It's fun
3.3. Water costs are comparatively low

4. Disadvantages
4.1. It might damage the grass surface
4.2. Surfaces of grass are rare in big cities
4.3. If you go with it on the asphalt it may crack
4.4. If you go with it on a ground or sand, it may become not slippy
4.5. Energy consumption for freezing may be high
4.6. Pure water could also be costy

5. Possible solutions of disadvantages
5.1. A special sliding tracks of gum could be layed on the areas where one could use the sledges

* by "sledges" i mean "an object used for travelling over snow and ice".
** by "ice" i mean "made of frozen water".


Inyuki, Mar 15 2004

pykrete http://www.geocitie...ay/1928/pykrete.htm
lasts longer than ice and it's much stronger! [futurebird, Oct 06 2004]

slICEr - summer ice sleigh http://icesled.com/summer.jsp
Comes with ice tray to help you freeze the blocks it rides on. [jutta, Mar 06 2009]


       A novel idea. The difficulties to overcome might be the running surface, and the way to sit on the ice block and not slip off. Not forgetting the weight of course. I wouldn't necessarily like to be hit by one of these either. But I think it would be fun. +1, for lateral thinking.
Ling, Mar 15 2004

       But if you hit anything, *anything* with any considerable force, it will shatter. How annoying. Why not use normal sleds and send them through a machine which sprays water onto the runners and then freezes it. Renew before each run.   

       <showing off> I recently survived an olympic luge run in Berchtes Garten (sp:?). My highest speed was 76 kmph which may not sound all that rapid but sure feels it when your bonce is 4 inches from the ice. My bruises have all but faded.
squeak, Mar 15 2004

       How long have you been learning English?   

       You can already buy huge blocks of ice (they throw them in their pools in Texas), so you could test this pretty darn easily. I think you'll find, though, that this will work much better on roadways and rocky surfaces than on grass. In fact, I doubt it would work at all on grass.   

       Having said that, neat idea!
DrCurry, Mar 15 2004

       WE USED THIS IDEA INYUKI. In the mid 1980s. You buy a 5 pound block of ice and go to the top of a grassy hill. Sit on ice. Sled down hill. Repeat until ice has worn down. Fun on a hot day.
bungston, Mar 15 2004

       [squeak], eskimos use walrus tusks for knives and they also have dogsleds, and what they do when they need to prepare their knives for use or their dogsleds is, lick the blade or the runners to coat them with a thin layer of frozen saliva. So I'm in favor of installing huge walk-in industrial-strength freezers everywhere. If you want to slide down a hill, take you sled, walk into one of these freezers, lick the runners until they're nice and icy, and slide all you want.
cocktaillouie, Mar 15 2004

       No thanks.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 15 2004

       bungston: so it does work well on grass?
DrCurry, Mar 15 2004

       [Cocktaillouie] Ouch! that thoundth painfull.   

       Thorry, I'm hathing throuble thyping with thiff thledge thtuck to my thongue.
squeak, Mar 16 2004

       Sledge stuck to your songue?
FarmerJohn, Mar 16 2004

       If you ad sawdust to the ice it will solve the shattering problem. Doing this is called making "pykrete" (see link)
futurebird, Mar 21 2004

       Oh no, don't introduce the pykrete meme again! <grin>   

       I like the idea [Inyuki]. It would be great summer fun, especially in warmer climates. People might not even mind the coldness of the ice in that situation.
krelnik, Mar 21 2004

       Cardboard works well on grass. That's what I used as a kid. And it doesn't melt.
waugsqueke, Mar 21 2004

       Good quality cardboard from for sale signs was the best. On a steep enough hill we used to get some incredible speeds going.
Custardguts, Mar 06 2009

       A buddy of mine used to use old car hoods for sleds. He and peeps would coat the hood with ice by spraying it with water. Finished hoods weighed ~300lbs and could go very fast.   

       [Inyuki], if YOU use the idea, then please inform me.
sninctown, Mar 06 2009

       Warner Bros used the idea in a cartoon: a character had a refrigerator strapped to his back from which poured snow in front of him as he skiied along.
FlyingToaster, Mar 06 2009


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