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An experiment in web interactivity.
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Build and program a remote-controllable lawn mowing robot. Place a scrolling LED display on it. Write software to let users control it over the internet, and therefore let your site's visitors mow your lawn. Have cameras placed on the mower and throughout the yard. The lawnmower would have certain boundries set, and the LED display would scroll the user's IP address, hostname, and "You can mow my lawn, too! www.MowMyLawn.com". In the case of high traffic, each user is limited to five minutes of lawn-mowing.

Companion sites: Mopmykitchen.com, Vacuummycarpet.com, Makemeasandwich.com, Harassmycat.com(Control an R/C car in my backyard).

And modify your hamster's habitrail tube system to create: www.confusemyhamster.com!

BinaryCookies, Aug 26 2002

Fightmywar.com http://web.archive....-sheep.com/spiders/
[normzone, Jun 01 2009]

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       Hm. You realize people will be spelling out obscenities on your lawn...?
DrCurry, Aug 26 2002

       either that or reports of lawnmower weilding robot assasination attepmts will skyrocket.
industrial, Aug 26 2002

       Howls of "It's 3:30 a.m. you SOB"...
thumbwax, Aug 26 2002

       My lawn isn't big enough to spell out obscenities.
BinaryCookies, Aug 26 2002

       UB/DC now think about it . . . would that really happen? It would require unmowed lawn; something that would be in short supply pretty quickly, no?
bristolz, Aug 26 2002

       I think this would be really fun.
Especially if you could link it to a laptop and set it up in Hyde Park (or somewhere).
NickTheGreat, Aug 26 2002

       I like this idea. You can pay for your URL with advertising from John Deer, Monsanto's, Active Greene and Ross, and other yard and lawn related companies. Your sister websites can have advertising from cleaning supply companies. And your hamster one can be sponsored by The inHumane Society or The Society for Cruelty Against Animals.   

       The robot construction would be easier than you think.
ImBack, Aug 26 2002

       [bris: for the record, I don't see it as a problem, merely a phenomenon. As a student, we carved 40-foot letters into another college's lawns by tramping down the snow, and I love those pictures of the Aussie sheep spelling out something I forget. This is crop circles for the online masses. Especially if they'll let us mess with those combine harvesters out in the Farm Belt.]
DrCurry, Aug 26 2002

       [ImBack], Do you mean Society for the _Prevention_ of Cruelty to Animals or what you said: "The Society for Cruelty Against Animals"?
BinaryCookies, Aug 27 2002

       I think he knows what he means, binary
NickTheGreat, Aug 27 2002

       The farmer version: "Harvest my wheat" - with a full-size remote-controlled combine harvester.
Nice idea.
hippo, Aug 27 2002

       Only if one or two people had access would this work. If available to the Internet masses, something that seems to be a part of this idea, there would quickly be no unmowed or untrampled lawn/hay left.
bristolz, Aug 27 2002

       This has unlimited potential. Observe...   

       Mr. Burns version: dumpmynuclearwaste.com
Afghan version: bombmycave.com
Florida version: countmyvotes.com
Bill Gates version: crashmyos.com
GWB version: pollutemyatmosphere.com
Wales version: sha... enough already.
NickTheGreat, Aug 27 2002

       From the controllers' side, I imagine the cat, hamster, and sandwich ones would be the most entertaining. Trying to get the masses to do your chores, though, may not be as successful as you may wish.   

       Here's my idea, sure to please all: www.mixmeadrink.com   

XSarenkaX, Aug 28 2002

       I'll gladly mix you a drink.   

       Don't you think that over a short amount of time, this would become a fad? first everybody wants to mow your lawn. Then everybody wants people to mow their lawns for them. Then nobody wants to mow lawns anymore. Then you're back to controlling your own remote lawnmower each week, except now and then someone might try spelling out some message.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 01 2009

smendler, Jun 01 2009

       porn version: mowmybikiniarea.com
smendler, Jun 01 2009


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