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muscial fire alarms

fire alarms play music
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when activated, plays annoying songs like "it's a small world" to drive people out, unlike convention alarms when people get accustumed to.
sukiyaki, Aug 15 2007

FIRE! http://video.google...pe=search&plindex=1
Oh yes - another of my Gods - bow down, and worship humbly at his feet [xenzag, Aug 15 2007]


       It should play "Benny and the Jets"   

       I hate that F***ing song,   

       benny, benny, benny, benny, ben naaaaaa
evilpenguin, Aug 15 2007

       "We don't need no water, let the !@#$%^&*()+! burn"
normzone, Aug 15 2007

       "We didn't start the fire..."
globaltourniquet, Aug 15 2007

       Thin Lizzy: Get out of here.
Jonny Cash: The ring of fire.
AC/DC: Sin city (burning feeling).
The Clash: London's Burning.

       If there were several fire alarms, they could all play the London's burning nursery rhyme out of sync.
Ling, Aug 15 2007

       "The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire!"   

       //"We don't need no water, let the !@#$%^&*()+! burn"//
theleopard, Aug 15 2007

       "Fire - I bring you to burn !" - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, who used to set fire to himself whist performing (will look for link) Only problem is, I would stay to listen to it.
xenzag, Aug 15 2007

       The trouble with playing a song for the fire alarm is that in crowded nightclubs, if you play something like the Trammp's "Disco Inferno", those who know the building's on fire might think it in slightly poor taste - everyone else will just think it's 70's night.
hippo, Aug 15 2007

       I can't imagine a way to empty a building faster than by playing Barry Manilow. As to anyone who stayed to listen, good riddance.
nuclear hobo, Aug 15 2007

       I can't imagine a way to empty a building faster than by setting it on fire.
theleopard, Aug 15 2007

       If the alarm oozed jam and released bee...
skinflaps, Aug 15 2007

       baked in Japan. They play a melody and a voice recording ordering evacuation.
Voice, Nov 17 2008

       It should play an announcement: "Free ipods being given away outside - to the first 100 people!"
phundug, Nov 17 2008

       yeah but the loud buzzing/beeping kind of alarms are the kind of sound people don't want to be around, so they want to leave the building to get away from the annoying noise, thus bringing them to a safe area.
Dickcheney6, Jun 04 2011

       And iiiiiiiiiiiiieeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee IIIIiiieeeeeeeeee will always love youuuuuuuuuuuooooououououuuuu
phundug, Jun 07 2011


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