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single page to see updates im interested in
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i would like to be able to quickly see new annotations for ideas i've posted, or new changes /annotations made to ideas i've commented on.
strider, May 24 2001

Help on Views http://www.halfbake...orial/viewhelp.html
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       You're not the first (see phantom...someone deleted my link).
iuvare, May 24 2001

       Well, that's not quite what's being asked for here; the request is for updates and changes to previously annotated ideas, not to revisit the annotations and ideas themselves.   

       I think it's a perfectly valid thing to ask, and the user-configurable log that one fine day will be implemented (sigh) should have a way of filtering for that.
jutta, May 24 2001

       Are you sure? I mean, why would strider only want to know THAT updates/changes were made without wanting to look at them? Seems like looking at updates/changes out of context would perpetuate the noise of off-topic discussions.   

       And how does this request differ from what can be gathered by taking a brief glance at the color-coded, index-recent-by-date screen?
iuvare, May 24 2001

       Of course you'd also want to look at the changes. But with the search you don't see just the changed ones, you see everything.   

       Yeah, index-recent-by-date is an okay compromise, if you still remember what you annotated. In the long run, it can be a bit overwhelming.
jutta, May 26 2001

       //If you still remember what you annotated//   

       Maybe it's a helpful glitch, but on my index-recent-by-date screen, the ideas I've visited are color coded red. To see the ideas that have been annotated by others since my last visit, I'd look for ideas in red that are listed above the "before last session" marker. No?
iuvare, May 27 2001

       Interesting. This is browser-specific. With the version of Netscape I'm using, the #...tag... (which changes with annotations) is considered to be part of the link for the purpose of visitedness; my links turn back to black if someone adds something.   

       I've noticed that IE didn't do that in quite the same way, but didn't realize that people would consider that a feature!
jutta, May 27 2001

       Latest Opera handles things a bit differently as well - picks make the selected item "disappear" before the new page comes up - similarity to Netscape in the back-to-black. IE seems to have the edge in terms of viewability, at least on a Windows platform. I'm yet to install Linux Mandrake as I've got too many projects going, but look forward to those views as well.
thumbwax, Aug 03 2002

       create a view to show all ideas that have been modified sinve you were out and that have been commented on by you.
urbanmatador, Apr 25 2003


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