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night Olympics

in the dark
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We have winter Olympics and Paralympics and daytime normal Olympics.

So why not night Olympics?

An international contest of sports conducted in pitch blackness.

Held for two weeks at dark moon in a remote rural location.

Anyone showing a light is immediately disqualified

pocmloc, Aug 07 2016

The Russians would use chlorin e6 eyedrops http://hplusmagazin...mage-your-eyesight/
Smoking weed also improves night vision (without damaging your eyes) but they test for that at the Olympics [notexactly, Aug 12 2016]


       Everyone knows that Russian athletes would be fed drugs by Putin's Kremlin that enabled them to see in the dark.   

       How about Oilympics instead? This is where every event has to feature different types of oil as a major component. There could also be Trumpolympics where all of the lines on the tracks and other events are replaced with ten foot walls.
xenzag, Aug 07 2016

       The echo-location obstacle course would be fun.   

       And the doubles fencing competition.
whatrock, Aug 07 2016

       Will the Winter Olympics be included ?   

       Gotta love that blacked-out bobsleigh run ...
8th of 7, Aug 07 2016

       Finally sports for the blind.
RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2016


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