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Olympic Beer Throwing

A thrower, a catcher, plastic pint 'glasses' filled with beer.
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Imagine the discus throwing event - sometimes known as "The Discus" to Olympic officiandos.

Now, instead of throwing weighted discs this event involves throwing plastic pint glasses, filled with beer. This is a team sport, with teams comprising two members: A thrower and a catcher. Guess what they do.

Rather than measuring where the object hits the ground for the distance, a minimum distance is declared by the thrower (6 inch increments). The catcher must stand behind the threshold of this distance. The glass is filled to the brim with beer; the brand of which is chosen by the thrower. It is then thrown out into the field and must be caught by the fielder, with at least 85 percent of beer intact to count as a legal throw. The amount of beer left is measured for use in tie-break situations and must then be downed for the general refreshment of the fielding athlete (any spillage may be deducted from the team's total of beer thrown).

6 rounds of attempts are made. Should a catcher fail to catch a pint or drop more than 15% of beer or step over the threshold - the throw is declared invalid, or "shite", and the catcher must down a full pint of beer.

The winnner is the team with a) the outright farthest qualified throw or b) with the joint farthest throw and most amount of beer caught & drunk.

Jinbish, Apr 20 2006

2012 Olympic Competitor http://2012olympicc...itor.wordpress.com/
... quite fancies Olympic Beer throwing [jonthegeologist, Apr 20 2006]

.wav sound file of Stuart Hall http://www.its-a-kn...k/media/Stuhall.wav
The perfect commentary for this event. [DrBob, Apr 23 2006]


       I'd noticed that, too; there isn't anything like enough beer being drunk by professional sportsthletes these days.   

       Croissant, for the thought of being able to hear David Coleman say "Oh, the disappointment of the call of "shite" it really is a bitter pill to swallow" or somesuch poo-eating slip of the tongue.
calum, Apr 20 2006

       Wonderful - I can see this being played on many a recreation ground on balmy summer's days. Forgotten will be the smack of leather on willow, only to be replaced with glurgs and calls of "shite".   

       I believe more experienced players might start to employ the technique of going into a spin on receipt of a flung pint of beer, in order to use centripetal forces to assist one's preservation of vital fluids.
zen_tom, Apr 20 2006

       [jinbish] I'd so love this to be a new Olympic sport. I feel I could compete at elite standard.
jonthegeologist, Apr 20 2006

       if we knew the rules...
po, Apr 20 2006

       Yay, a build up to International Pro-celebrity Beer Keg Tossing Championships.
skinflaps, Apr 21 2006

       Hahah, Murdoch! Though sp. byrawey, byrawey.   

       Continuing in a similar vein, contestants should be called "dobbers."
calum, Apr 21 2006

Dub, Apr 22 2006

       Ah Jinbish! Fond memories of Stuart Hall and Eddie Waring are stirring deep in my loins.

"Welcome to Jeux Sans Frontieres!"

All you need is to add a bungee cord into the mix and we're there.
DrBob, Apr 23 2006

       I can't say I'm happy with the idea of all this wasted beer (just 85% for a success is almost painful), but I've given you a [+] [Jinbish], because this idea makes me smile and because I like the image of a catcher staggering around a field trying to make a catch after downing 5 pints.
hidden truths, Apr 24 2006

       I was once at a dinner-dance for a multinational accountancy firm that had an after dinner pub-quiz hosted by Stuart Hall. Somewhat bizzarre...   

       I would point out that the 85% threshold is negotiable, and I would expect that Olympic quality competitors to acheive far higher standards. Furthermore, I would add that I expect that more beer is spilled during a beer festival (which is dedicated to the drinking of the stuff!).
Jinbish, Apr 24 2006

       I think there should be a "Yermybestmate-Ahfugginluvyer" score.
hippo, Apr 24 2006


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