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Olympic Aquatic Stone Skipping

A natural global fit with arcane score keeping
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The point system is as follows:

Point value = R * SUM (d_n*s_n^(s_n)) + R*g where

R= aspect ratio of the stone's dimesion normal to its largest projected planar area divided by its largest planar area dimension, (thus a perfectly flat stone would be worth less than a round one that is more difficult to skip.

d_n= {d1, d2, d3...etc} are distances skipped per impact after initial impact

s_n= {s1, s2, s3...etc} are the skip number disregarding the initial impact.

g=glide distance, if a stone is judged to be not leaving the water at a certain point.

Thus a 5 skipper would be worth more than an equidistant 2 skip, unless the 2 skip were a much harder aspect ratio. Weight factors would be considered also somehow.

RayfordSteele, Jul 02 2016



       What about water surface conditions, and wind ? Or would it be indoors, in a pool ? Rowing, kayaking and other disciplines accept prevailing conditions.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2016

       I think you will find folks would prefer the competition to be simplified by using a "standardized skipping stone". It will have a particular shape and mass. Since there are standard baseballs, standard basketballs, standard soccer balls, and so on, this would seem perfectly reasonable.   

       And we do have the technology to make standard stones by melting rock dust, for example.
Vernon, Jul 03 2016

       I think having various standardized sizes and shapes marked with the different points they're worth would be interesting. Heavier would have a larger number for instance.
doctorremulac3, Jul 03 2016

       Alternatively, contestants could be given a bag of 10 random stones, making the contest more "real world".   

       Presumably the event would rapidly diverge into different dsciplines - 'four each of standard small, medium and large', 'random freestyle', 'tiny discus', 'the seven odd shapes', etc.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2016

       You could also have them all be one standard shape but varied weights requiring the player to judge his throw accordingly.
doctorremulac3, Jul 03 2016

       You know, you could have special pools with numbers laid out at various locations. The skipper could toss it and try to hit multiple numbers for a higher score than the next guy.   

       Have them laid out in a pattern such that it's fairly easy to hit say, 4 ones in a row but to hit higher numbers you'd have to hit a tricky pattern.   

       You could even have negative numbers around the higher numbers. Shoot for that five but it's surrounded by -3s.
doctorremulac3, Jul 05 2016

       Explosions. You need explosions. If the stones were made from elements from the left side of the periodic table then they would explode when they skipped, ensuring a wider viewing audience. Larger stones would last through repeated skips.
whatrock, Jul 06 2016

       Beautiful. Reminds me of my brothers and me at the creek where I grew up.
blissmiss, Jul 07 2016

       //You couldn’t have that big water they had in films in the ’60s.//   

       No, but you could use that curvey water they use in movies about surfing. The slow-motion type would be ideal.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 07 2016

       //curvey water//   

       Great name for a horrible jazz fusion album from the 70s.   

       Sorry about being redundant there.
doctorremulac3, Jul 07 2016

       // my brothers and me at the creek where I grew up. //   

       Was that before someone kissed you and you turned into a princess ...?   

       <runs for cover>
8th of 7, Jul 07 2016

       You are nothing but the wart on my frogs ass, you butt head. Ha. Take that.
blissmiss, Jul 07 2016

       I think that was 8th's way of telling you you're a princess without giving you a swelled ego.
doctorremulac3, Jul 11 2016

       //You are nothing but the wart on my frogs ass, you butt head. Ha. Take that.//   

       pnctn.: frog's
hypntn: butt-head
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2016

       No, you are wrong. I meant I have a "frogs ass"! As in frog ass like.
blissmiss, Jul 11 2016

       That would work with multiple frogs that were sharing a single ass, but it would still need an apostrophe at the end. Referring to a single frog's ownership of an ass would use an apostrophe then the s.   

       So you might say: "Is it the frog's ass? No, it's the frogs' ass. They all saved up and bought one together."   

       Don't feel bad, I still often type "It's" when I mean the thing possessing something because a stupid grade school teacher taught it to us wrong. By the time I figured out she had taught me wrong, it was already burrowed into my brain and it still pops out when I'm typing fast and not concentrating.   

       Example: "What's that?" "It's the frog's ass." "What's ass?" "It's Its ass."
doctorremulac3, Jul 11 2016


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