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Olympic ball-throwing

Elevate throwing a ball to an olympic sport
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There are lots of sports which involve throwing a ball (cricket, baseball, basketball, water polo, rugby American football) and plenty of Olympic sports which require distance throwing (hammer, javelin, discus) or accuracy (shooting, archery) so it seems odd that there is no specific ball-throwing discipline in the Olympics.

My proposed sport would use a cricket ball or baseball and have two disciplines: distance, and accuracy on a 25m range.
hippo, Nov 11 2004

International King of Sports http://www.ukgamesh...onal_King_of_Sports
Would fit right in here. [stupop, Nov 11 2004]


       Shot put ?, oops just remembered you want two people.
skinflaps, Nov 11 2004

       Yes, but there's no accuracy element, and you don't throw it like a ball.
hippo, Nov 11 2004

       There are far too many olympic sports as it is. I suggest the variation within disciplines is eliminated by distilling each down to a generic essence. So we'll have: ball throwing, the standing jump (or pogo), running (50m, to save time), doggy paddle and brawling. And no more. With this formulation, the IOC can hold the whole event over a weekend, in a waterlogged field in Fife.
calum, Nov 11 2004

       //and you don't throw it like a ball//

Can of worms, hippo. How exactly do you throw a ball then?
DrBob, Nov 11 2004

       Like this <demonstrates>

<muffled, far away sound> Ow! </muffled, far away sound>

[calum] Absolutely right - this idea is in the spirit of simplifying Olympic sports.
hippo, Nov 11 2004

       So, [hippo], you'd have this *instead of* all the others?
angel, Nov 11 2004

       Note sure - I'd certainly have it instead of figure skating, synchronised diving, tennis, football, basketball and couple of others, I should think...
hippo, Nov 11 2004

       <gingerly rubs bump on side of head> Hmm, yes, I see. In the manner of the great Duncan Mackenzie's golf ball throwing feats you mean?

I'm with freerunner on the distance throwing event. It's just that the ball is so heavy that the throwing technique in shot putt has evolved to it's current state. So you just want shot putt with a lighter ball, is all.

The accuracy one I'd go with though except that the olympics is, as the great scottish sage has hinted, terribly dull (apart from the 'two people lumping each other as hard and as often as possible' event, that is).
DrBob, Nov 11 2004

       This reminds me of "International King of Sports" (see link): A televised sports competition with such events as the Headlong Dive & Backwards 200m. I always thought it was very HB.
stupop, Nov 11 2004

       That was an excellent show, stupop. "Freestyle Falling Down" was my favourite event.
lostdog, Nov 11 2004


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