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no-battery alarm clock

Scoot an alarm clock to wind it up
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This batteryless clock has a slightly projectng pair of rubber-rimmed wheels on one of its flat sides. To wind it without fiddling with a tiny winder-handle you just scoot it like any fly-wheel toy on a flat hard surface. Other halfbakers will think up ways of storing the energy for twelve hours without using a battery. The result would apply to other devices.
rayfo, Jul 28 2000

Board clock http://kbs.cs.tu-be...wd/board-clock.html
Marble rolling accross a parcour over time, old variation on the idea in the annotation. [jutta, Jul 28 2000]


       Just get Sieko's little dynamo winder thing from the Kinetic watches... and remember to give your alarm clock a few bumps and whacks every day :)
jetckalz, Jul 28 2000

       [admin: I renamed your node to the name I think you intended, and deleted the two that didn't have on-topic annotations yet. You can delete ideas yourself by clicking on the word "delete" in the "idea:" menu up there, and rename them in the form fields you see when you go to an idea---you don't need to create a new idea each time.]   

       You could have a car-shaped clock that then actually proceeds to slowly move across a parcour, perhaps with little flags and bells in them to show where it is expected to be at four o'clock.
jutta, Jul 28 2000

       How about an alarm clock that you have to wind up in order to shut off the alarm?
blahginger, Jul 28 2000

       Of course! When it rings the first time you grab it and scoot it till it shuts off. Then you throw its specially toughened design at the furthest wall and go back to sleep until it rings again and after a lot of cursing you find it under the dresser waiting for its wind-up scoot.
rayfo, Jul 29 2000

       I like the idea of throwing it against the wall to wind it.
Scott_D, Aug 09 2000

       Because the only way a potato could wake you up is if someone threw it at you, and if they're already awake anyway...   

       Rayfo, there is actually a type of alarm clock built into a ball. Throw it against a wall for 'snooze', then when it goes off again you have to go find it.
StarChaser, Jun 23 2001


       where do you get one of these throwable ball alarm clocks? Sounds like a great idea!   

fatboy, Aug 01 2001

       Fatboy, I dunno anymore. I thought I had a catalog with it, but I was mistaken. I know I've seen it, though, as I remember thinking how much of the stuff in my room would end up broken...   

       Oh, and Jutta, I still love the idea of that ball/board clock of yours...
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       oh man! I came up with that idea too! I came online to see if there was a rubber alarm clock that would only go off after throwing it against the wall or a cat or something. How much fun would that be?! It should make a glass breaking, cat screaming sound too! Just like in the movie Men At Work! I did find one online in the shape of a Tennis Ball,. Why does it have to be a ball? Why couldn't it be a typical square one?
knightrider, Mar 18 2002


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