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Spatial Alarm

Wake me up in 5 miles
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Alarm clocks are for time, spatial alarms are for space. It could work using GPS aboveground and inertial guidance underground. Some cellular phones already have GPS, so it could also be a program, instead of a separate device.

You put down two points on the screen, and the alarm buzzes once you pass the line between them. Yeah...I missed my subway stop today.

plasticspoon, Mar 09 2009


       Nice idea. It would be more convenient to just mark your destination, and have the thing buzz when you get within, say, a mile of it (if you're on a train), or a few blocks of it (if you're on a bus).
colorclocks, Mar 10 2009

       Oh, Oh...this thing could be an electronic equivalent of the proverbial ten-foot pole. You mark all the places you never want to be, state the distances you want to keep away from each, and then you could just wander around in your normal daze without worrying that you might accidentally confront something nasty. It would be situational awareness for the geographically challenged.
colorclocks, Mar 10 2009

       I have a better idea, why not add in BOTH ideas? wouldn't that make it thrice as great? [+]
xxobot, Mar 10 2009

       This would be nice to find those potential camping spots you saw on the map, but can see from your canoe in the river.
saprolite, Mar 10 2009

       Back around the time this idea was posted, I thought this was baked and interesting, but had no use for it myself. Some years later, as a person who had started riding the bus regularly and was often tired, I realized it might be useful to me, but could find no trace of it as a baked app. :(
notexactly, Apr 20 2019


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