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Progressive Alarm Snooze

Type your way back to sleep.
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More and more people are buying laptops and netbooks, and other mobile computing gadgets. With the increase in these technological devices, the need for traditional alarm clocks is dwindling. My idea is to take the alarm clock functionality of current tech items (laptops, netbooks, smartphones), and inject them with steroids.

It would be this program that functions as a clock/alarm. When started, it would display the time as a full-screen clock. It would lower the screen brightness to its lowest setting as not to fill the room with light when you're trying to sleep. The user would simply have to set their device by their bed and it would take the place of their old alarm clock. Here's the best part: When the alarm went off, it would remove the clock and display a sentence. In order to access the snooze button, one would have to type in the sentence. Once typed correctly, they could choose between snoozing and turning off the alarm. If they chose to snooze, the clock would come back up and they could go back to sleep.

The best part of this program is that it would be 100% customizable. In the settings, the user could change the length of the snooze, the difficulty of the sentence that needed to be typed in, and whether or not the sentence would get harder and harder each time snooze was hit. A customized alarm could also be implemented. The user could select songs from their music library for the clock to play as an alarm. Instead of a sentence, the user could also set it up so that they would have to type in the artist/song title of the song that woke them up. This way, they would have to actually listen to the song to determine the artist/name, instead of just snoozing right away.

I think such a piece of software would make for a more efficient wake-up!

sprints, Jan 17 2010

Please just let me sleep Please_2c_20just_20let_20me_20sleep
[normzone, Jan 18 2010]


       In order for that to be viable, you'd have to file off the little raised bits on the F and J keys so that you couldn't just find the home keys without looking and typing the sentence. Howz about an alarm clock that has a snooze button, but in order to shut the alarm off for the day you need to hit a button on a wireless remote that is attached to a door post so you would have to be out of bed to shut it off
g00r, Jan 17 2010

       My sentence would be 'a'.
DrWorm, Jan 17 2010


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