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nonblue toilet bowl bluer

tired of blue. arent you?
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why only blue when other colors might well be used. one should be able to choose from an assortment of toilet bowl freshening agent colors. some suggestions might be: basic black, opaque white (like the blood of the android in alien), brown (a color which is slowly 'coming back'), red (a warm friendly color), yellow (a happy color), etc.
gnormal, Apr 12 2001


       Um, waugs, praytell, why do you care what it looks like *after* use, unless you're really into admiring your handiwork or leaving it on display? :P wait, nevermind... don't answer that.
absterge, Apr 12 2001

       i am talking about the fluid that dies the tankwater before it gets used for a flush. not the brick which clips to the bowl or tank (in which case i would have seen both lemon yellow and lime green versions in the urinals of thailand in the form of lemon halves and lime halves (red? no. apple halves- not.) (he would have soon thought he was starting to sound like a certain ridiculous but fun type of sing-songing)).   

       as for looking- that's why it even has a color. so when one (or waugs) looks, that one (or that waug) sees a color indicative of something... fresh.
gnormal, Apr 12 2001

       I'm for 30 seconds of fierce fizzing. After that, whatever color it is with the light out.
reensure, Apr 13 2001

       I'm all for it as long as they make one with an everlasting gobstopper effect where it changes colors every few flushes. Red and yellow could be problems, though.
AfroAssault, Apr 13 2001

       I like the furious fizzing even by itself or in tandem with gobstopper colors. Anything react with urea to fizz without harming skin or porcelain?
thumbwax, Apr 13 2001

       for fizzing:   

       drop a couple of denture-cleaning tablets into the toilet and let sit overnight. brush under the rim with your bowl brush and flush.   

       doesn't fizz but sounds cool:   

       to keep your toilet clean and your dog happy, put several tablespoons of tang breakfast drink in the toilet before you leave for work or at bedtime. let it soak, use your toilet brush to swish around under the rim, and flush.   

       <from the book: talking dirty with the queen of clean>
mihali, Apr 13 2001

       There are green cleaners, and I've seen a purple one once...I think they don't use red, green and yellow for the same reason you don't seen red, green or yellow in 'feminine hygene products' or diaper commercials...
StarChaser, Apr 14 2001

       Glowing radioactive green would be nice.
RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2002

       pink champagne fizz
po, Jan 25 2002


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