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to make a spectacle of yourself, or at least your head
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Yes on4e is really four in one, four pairs of glasses worn like one. If you’re shortsighted, need reading glasses, want ordinary and prescription sunglasses, or just want to look cool with four different styles of shades for switching in the sun, this is where it’s at.

Our patented fold-in nose rests and adjusto-hinges make comfort a fact. Just lift, rotate, lower and a whole new 360 degree you is seeing well and looking good.

Take a peek at our integral on4e-cap with the swivel bill – turn the cap for the glasses you want forward and then swivel the visor to the latest preferred angle. It too has the halfbakery seal of approval.

FarmerJohn, Aug 28 2004

sketch http://www.geocitie...rjohnnie/on4e.html?
[FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

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       All well and good but how do you pronounce on4e?
harderthanjesus, Aug 28 2004

       4 in 1?
FarmerJohn, Aug 28 2004

       Ha! Except the specs would need cleaning every time they were rotated. (On my gleaming pate, at least.)
DrCurry, Aug 28 2004

       I doubt you could phsyically build the contraption in the illustration, given the oval shape of people's heads and the location of their ears.   

       Picture a regular pair of glasses. Note that the ends of the hinges (which wrap around the ears) do not coincide with the nose break when folded.   

       My competing on2e product is much more comfortable, and optimally shades the eyes in the back of my head from sunlight while I'm using my magnifier goggles pointing away from the sun to look for missing punctuation.
jutta, Aug 28 2004

       You'd just need to make it six-sided (though then it would need to be suspended from a cap, not resting on the ears).
DrCurry, Aug 28 2004

       Oliver Peoples would snatch this idea up in a jiffy.
Machiavelli, Aug 28 2004

       [jutta] I noticed that too and therefore hinted at the problem with the adjusto-hinges (an extra link at each corner to take up the slack), but they didn't work out in the picture.
FarmerJohn, Aug 28 2004

       [Desert Fox]before you jump to judge be sure to read Farmer John's splendid idea called "Pitted tacos", and I'll never forget the short lived Booger imprinted Tissues.
dentworth, Aug 28 2004

       There either something in the water that FarmerJohn is drinking or he must put it there as a regular supliment. +
sartep, Aug 29 2004

       This idea is something that almost makes it into my consciousness, but my mental defences are tight. In fact, I feel this way about alot of [FJ]'s ideas, but its nothing against him. If anything, I'm jealous that I can't bring myself to think this horribly.   

daseva, Aug 30 2004

       I think the assembly should be a series of lenses that flip down from the crown of the head....that said, I'll take a on4e, and a on2e for product testing and evaluation.
normzone, Aug 30 2004


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