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on board dj

a dj booth on commuting trains (south west trains)
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i would like to have a dj booth on a train, yes a commuter train to Waterloo, one of those ideous South West Trains. I take the train every day and i am fed up with the boredom. the dj would be listening to all the usual train sounds that we are so used to, like the doors opening, the repetitive sounds of the rails, or the door shutting, and scratch few samples of ramdom sounds synchronised with the usual sounds. the door opens with that neutral pneumatic sound: why could it not sound like a stra trek door or like a squeeking door, depending on the mood and change randomly every time? or the rails rhythm could inspire a scratch with the latest tony blair speech, or a 50s dance tune. all this not too loud, it shoud not piss people off. just an unusual accompaniment
janet2, Nov 25 2003

kid koala http://www.kidkoala.com/index.htm
- turn table artist- (have a listen) [janet2, Oct 04 2004]

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Warning: scroll down too far and you might see a glimpse of a reveller's "lad" [calum, Oct 04 2004]


       unusual yes, desireable ...? Not sure. Replacing this with music is problematic because one man's masterpiece is another man's nightmare. Who decides what gets played?   

       The rhythmic rattles of trains are very soporific and comforting as to wend your way to work or home.
jonthegeologist, Nov 25 2003

       i like this. people on the actual carriage could decide what gets played, like you can request tracks in a club. or it could change at every station or it could be just a laptop being connected to different sensors which cold tell the teperature, or the number of people, or the noise level and play specific music from a programmed library. Say, if it is really hot then the music could be just a bit of latino music
jonnychip, Nov 25 2003


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