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speed dating

speed dating while commuting
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just to snap out of the total numbness that i go through every day on a commuter train in UK, i suggest a speed dating mechanism on the actual carriage. it would be an incentive to use that dead time of the day if you could pre-arrange speed dates before boarding. It could be done on a web site. Or it could happen directly on the train. Just simply have a way for the seats to communicate through vibrations or signals or a dating chart on a big screen to which you sould send text messages displaying your interest in someone and arrange a speed date between, say clapham junction and vauxhall. And like in airports, there could be a sex booth for those who find their perfect match between 2 stops.
jonnychip, Nov 25 2003


       They have sex booths in aeroports?
thumbwax, Nov 25 2003

       a friend of mine mentioned the airport sex booth few days ago. i have not seen it, but it is out there somewhere apparently. it is meant to be for couples that say good bye to each other.will do my research. like the idea of the on-board chat room type-of-thing.
noam, Nov 25 2003

       The term "speed dating" was coined by MTV and Tucker Max
Letsbuildafort, Nov 25 2003

       I'm not sure the stay-at-home spouses are going to appriciate this...
luecke, Nov 25 2003


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