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the Crash Park

a game for adventurous commuting
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safety and protection seem to be very prominent elements in the conception of designs of modern transportation vehicles. the safety has created a sort of bubble around the moving containers of humans. drifing away is then easy for those on board and the passivity level shoots to the roof, causing boredom, tiredness and stress as a consequence. i say: forget all this virtual appreciation of the journey that is consequent to increase in speed regimes (see the "blended wing" plane, where there will be no windows and the 500 passengers will enjoy the ladscape through screens infront of them), and install danger into the carriage. every seat will have seat belts and harnesses and the train will then take the next juction to the "Crash Park", where many commuters' trains will converge and fight against each other in the ultimate big crash war. the acutal crashes would be at low speeds so as to provide realtive safety. the war could end up with one of the trains "hooking" another, pirate style and invading it through mobile bridges. the fight that will ensue will divide the daring commuters from the others.
noam, Nov 25 2003

the Blended Wing http://oea.larc.nasa.gov/PAIS/BWB.html
the new concept plane from nasa, to become civil vehicle as well [noam, Oct 04 2004]

the pirates of the caribbean http://disney.go.co...main_site/main.html
[noam, Oct 04 2004]


       What's in it for me?
phoenix, Nov 25 2003

       "Traffic was murder this morning..."
RayfordSteele, Nov 25 2003


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