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man (or woman) and machine, living in harmony
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Whilst walking around Tokyo at rush hour, I was struck by the thought of integrated pavement/road, so mixing car and pedestrians on the same part of land.

The pavement-u-coaster is a flattened D shaped tube, made with interlocking plates, that allow say a 5 degree angle difference between two plates.

For a card driver wishing to drive down the pavement (sidewalk if you're on that side of the Atlantic/other side of the Pacific from here) all they have to do it drive into into one end of the the tube.

The rollers running across the bonnet, and fitted on the roof-rack of the vehicle will raise the level of the pavement at a very gradual angle, giving a slight, but none the less pleasing, roller-coaster effect to the pedestrians currently walking on the pavement-u-coaster.

Now the city can do with fewer traffic lights, and pedestrian crossings, and more people getting...wherever it is they are going to....and good for very idle mexico wavers, as they can just sit down and hired vehicles will pass beneath them.

not_morrison_rm, Aug 13 2012


       If I underhend this correctly, you're having cars drive underneath a flexible pavement? So you have pedestrians surfing 20-30mph waves? This sounds impeccably good.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 13 2012

       Give all the pedestrian skateboards, rollerblades, bikes and the like, and let them surf the pavement waves! Pedestrians will still be getting knocked around and run over, but by skateboarders, rollerbladers, and bikes rather than cars.
CraigD, Aug 13 2012

       //If I underhend this correctly,   

       Yes, you do underhended the idea completely.   

       As for skateboarders et al - if being drowned at birth isn`t an option - then I`d suggest some kind of ratchet on the wheels, to prevent sliding backwards down the crest,   

       ..and it would make "follow that car!" more interesting...   

       (damn these Japanese internet cafe keyboards, right next to the space bar there`s the language switch key and it`s far too easy to@ˆÉf—p‚ð‚€‚ŸtˆÒ‚ß‚  ‚Ž  and then you have to try and work out how to get it back into English)
not_morrison_rm, Aug 14 2012


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