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One Road (UK)

One road for the whole of the UK
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Right, to save bothering worrying about a route, there's one road thats goes (one way) past every location in the UK. You also get less accidents because every diver is predictable. OK, it's a stupid idea, you could end up driving for weeks around the whole country just to get to the street next to you. I've giving this idea a fishbone myself...
percy, Apr 14 2002

How Long is the Coast of Britain? http://www.math.vt....omReport/node2.html
Depends on your stride. [hello_c, May 23 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

One train for the whole of the UK http://www.500kmh.com/
It's not exactly a road, but the concept is similar [kinemojo, Mar 15 2006]


       If its a stupid idea then why post it? The only reason i can see for posting it is someform of rant, maybe.
[ sctld ], Apr 14 2002

       Why post it? Well, it was a half baked idea I had years ago, qhich solved one particular problem I encountered in one situation. Although it's the most pointlessly awful idea ever, I thought I'd share it with people. Is this site only for good ideas then?
percy, Apr 15 2002

       yes, but some days it's difficult to prove.
sappho, Apr 15 2002

       [percy], if you think the idea unworthy, please just mark it for deletion, or better, delete it yourself.  Sure, there's bad ideas on the site but most are at least enthusiastically bad.
bristolz, Apr 15 2002

       Or be more enthusiastic, which could be entertaining. I was expecting How Long is the Coast of Britain?, myself. (See link.)
hello_c, May 23 2002

       I'm like two years late, but you made me laugh out loud for the first time in a long time so i'll vote for it..
thedoubler2, Oct 07 2004

       this was in a south park episode about canada, but Percy's halfbakery idea came first.   

       It was a spoof of wizard of oz, instead of saying "follow the yellow brick road" all the canadians sand "follow the only road"
Madai, Dec 01 2004

       Great idea, terribly under-promoted by it's inventor.
wagster, Mar 15 2006

       "Halfbakery: it's not just a good idea, it's also some bad ones."
This would also trivialise the travelling salesman problem.
spidermother, Mar 16 2006


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