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pavement observatory

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Think sardine can with a thick glass lid Single or multi person inside is like a bed but with restraints the entire enclosure is embedded in the pavement of a local well traveled interstate or frequently used race track

Users can have the experience Of trucks and cars passing inches above their face At speed And feel the vibrations

The state or race track could generate revenue for roadway upkeep bye charging a fee based on usage

vfrackis, Mar 28 2012


       So... the idea is to be strapped to a bed watching traffic pass overhead?   

       Is that right?   

       Would you 'want' to do this [vfrackis]?   

       Doesn't the thick glass lid make the restraints redundant?   

       I once saw a woman and her child quickly climb into a kind of pit, adjacent to a railway bridge, over which the tracks passed. They waited there while a train passed over them; at least, I assume that's what they were doing. So people do seek this kind of experience.
spidermother, Mar 29 2012

       I'll be danged. I could see hanging beneath the tracks lost-boys style for the woohoo factor but, hey, different strokes y'know?

       Might work at a NASCAR track. Position a construct underneath the track with a set of stairs on each side and call it a NASCAR museum. Line the entryway with some pictures of racing, charge people $5 to walk through. The highlight of the trip is getting to walk under the track during a race and seeing cars drive overhead.
DIYMatt, Mar 29 2012

       Love it [+]
zen_tom, Mar 29 2012

       I could see NASCAR fans going for this. And if there were some kind of malfunction, hey, fewer NASCAR fans. +
RayfordSteele, Mar 29 2012

       [+] I like it. (as long as it is safe) Kind of like the opposite of a glass-bottom boat!
xandram, Mar 29 2012

       Actually, [xandram], a particularly strong earthquake in a place near the coast could, in fact, make this exactly a glass-bottomed boat.
shapu, Mar 29 2012

       You could have some kind of mechanical interlock so it is proud of the surface but ducks down flush at the last minute when a vehicle reaches it.
pocmloc, Mar 29 2012

       The problems here are the glass starts slick (and oil and rain will make it moreso), making it dangerous to drive on, and then with the constant tires on it, becomes translucent, rendering the experience more of an auditory one.
Cedar Park, Mar 30 2012

       The only kind of people that would ever climb into this thing (let alone pay for the "privilege") are those "sensation seeker" personality types...   

       ...you know, the kind that join the army at 18 as a Combat Engineer, volunteer for Airborne School, Volunteer to fill the position as platoon machine gunner... in the lead gun truck... on route clearance missions....   

       I'd so do this.
MikeD, Mar 30 2012

       Would the glass surface be slippery for drivers?   

       Would it get covered with road gunk quickly (rubber, oil, dirt) and become unseethroughable? Who's going to run out and clean it?   

       Otherwise I don't see the need for the tight space and restraints. Build a bar underneath the road with a transparent ceiling.
tatterdemalion, Mar 30 2012


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