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personal re- annunciator

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Song rudolph the red nosed reindeer sometimes you sing it with other people

And sometimes some people only choose to resing the chorus I am sure there is a proper musical term for this However in my mind I always saw this as lazy participation It is easy for someone To steal the spotlight With this technique consider personal re annunciator

It's a phone application that listens to what you say and randomly and unexpectedly repeats something you said amplifiing the impact of that statement in your conversation.

I think it would be nice to have a famous persons voice backup my conversations repeating my statements maybe

vfrackis, Jun 18 2012


       Yes, It certainly is nice to have a famous person back you up!
pocmloc, Jun 18 2012

       maybe there is a setting for mock vs advocate   

       i was also thinking that the inherent error in voice recognition unchecked might make for some entertaining comments.
vfrackis, Jun 18 2012

       Mondegreens! They walk among us!
UnaBubba, Jun 18 2012

       //        maybe there is a setting for mock vs advocate    //   

       With a little spit-and-polish, that could be [marked-for- tagline]
Alterother, Jun 19 2012


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