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place the lightning here shirt/clothing

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if I am ever struck by lightning I want to experience some measure of pleasure or at least perceive that I will experience even a nano second of physical pleasure before I am fried or fried and killed.

This is a shirt that has just enough metallic material woven into the cloth with a positive ionic charge to direct a lightning strike exactly precisely to my nipples for example. (And or other specified organs depending on what type of garment)

This type of clothing could be good for people that enjoy managing other peoples pain.

vfrackis, Dec 31 2012


       hmm... opportunistic body droud ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 31 2012


       "opportunistic body droud"
normzone, Jan 01 2013

       You'd want to test it first:   

       Van der Graaff generator at the local science exhibit plus tinfoil pasties should do the trick.   

       Tell us how it works out. Video if feasible.
FlyingToaster, Jan 01 2013

       Video is _always_ feasible.
pocmloc, Jan 02 2013

       I like it, but I think you may be missing the bigger picture here.
Just think of the opportunities for cutomizable one-of-a-kind body mod Lichtenberg figure lightning tattoos if you survive, which would be lost if you don't take decorative paths of least resistance into account by going straight for G-spots like that.

       Where's the foreplay I ask you?   

       Well, you start with 110 VAC...
Alterother, Jan 02 2013

       So THAT'S what a nine volt battery on the tongue is...
normzone, Jan 02 2013

       //nine volt batteries are foreplay// yes exactly
vfrackis, Jan 03 2013

       All that and more on the next;
~Current Affairs~

       right after this word from our sponsors...   

       For Christmas I got a striking new shirt
Brian the Painter, Jan 03 2013

       [vfrackis] shows up at the gates of Eternity, complaining to the Almighty "That was awfully quick..."   

       (the [-] that I was going to give, however, is neutralized by the fact that you spelled 'lightning' correctly. Good on ya. If it was an accident, just smile & shut up.)
lurch, Jan 03 2013


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