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Quicker winter dipper stripper

Put velcro on clothes and save lives with it
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It is known that falling into cold water can be a killer both through hypothermia and through dragging a person down into cold water. Those traveling over and near cold water have to face that risk, since not wearing sufficiently warm clothes is just as bad over longer periods of time out of the water.

This design for winter clothes would incorporate a comfortable near-wetsuit as underwear and velcro for the outer garments. Upon falling in the water, given a little practice, the user would be able to doff the garments in a few seconds and swim to safety. Optional: a life vest with a CO2 cartridge, which inflates when the clothes are hastily torn off only if the temperature is low.

Voice, Nov 10 2017

Sure, nobody ever thought of anything even remotely like this before .... Mummy_20Wetsuit
No, really, I mean it. This has got to be an original idea - I'm even voting (+) for it ! [normzone, Nov 11 2017]

winter strippers quick dip http://www.abc.net....annual-swim/7528558
[normzone, Nov 14 2017]


       // a comfortable near-wetsuit as underwear and velcro for the outer garments. //   

       Sounds more like a fetish than anything ...
8th of 7, Nov 10 2017

       Did you fall in the pool again on the Alaska cruise? I told you about drinking Everclear on the Lido deck...
RayfordSteele, Nov 11 2017


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