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Pimp My Eyepatch

Begging forgiveness for another "Pimp my..." Idea.
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A thought happened to cross my mind the other day (a rare event, I know): Why are eyepatches so boring? Just plain, black leather every time.

Draw attention to your intriguing disability with a pimped-up eyepatch, complete with bright red leather, flashing LEDs and a solid gold strap.

Before long you'll have people stopping you in bars, begging to be told the exiting story of how you lost your eye to a Bengal Tiger on a dark and moonless night, the like of which ye'd never seen. Yarr...

Mr Phase, Feb 21 2006

Um, well, Baked! http://www.kyra-mik...i/avi-photos-9.html
[DrCurry, Feb 21 2006]

baked again --for kids http://www.patchpal.com/
[xandram, Feb 21 2006]


       a peeling dirty elastoplast one would bring back memories...
po, Feb 21 2006

       [link] Dammit! Always the toddlers...
Mr Phase, Feb 21 2006

       it would actually be much better if they had eyepatches that looked like you. you could just stick a close up photo of the eye area and blend in with other people at first glance. if possible you could get ones with speakers tho so no need for headphones. or ones with screens on them so you could give loved ones messages. As an idea i dont think its very commercially viable so i am a neutral. sorry [mrphase]
mistro, Feb 21 2006

       I'm "unbaking" as I think it is more original than the linked examples and I want one +
xenzag, Feb 21 2006

       I saw one with a diamante skull and crossbones only the other day. I won't bone this though as I forgave you in the subtitle.
wagster, Feb 21 2006

       //I won't bone this though as I forgave you in the subtitle.// I would too if he would pump my tyre
po, Feb 21 2006

       One bright red LED, and sunglasses to go over it.
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2006

       How about pimping those little sleeping masks that airlines give out? Like with wide-awake eyes that move as you walk past? Or flaming cats-eyes like Sauron? Eyes that suddenly open as you walk past?
Phosphorus, Feb 22 2006

       Surely those would only work if you had no eyes?   

       By the way, a good example of someone with a pimped-up eyepatch is "Mad Eye" Moody in the Harry Potter books.
Mr Phase, Feb 23 2006

       //I would too if he would pump my tyre// - Is this rude, cryptic or just meaningless? It's bugging me because it *looks* like it makes sense, but it clearly doesn't.
wagster, Feb 23 2006

       I'm now supposed to reply with the clever explanation, except that I also have no idea what [po] is on about. Hey, wouldn't be the first time...
Mr Phase, Feb 23 2006

       ...although it could well be that "pump my tire" is an unsubtle demand for buns.   

       *rushes off to bun [po]'s ideas*
Mr Phase, Feb 28 2006


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