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Plush Towel Jumpsuit with Feet and a Hood

Efficient and warm drying.
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I'm assuming the idea name is self explanatory...But in case anyone missed it:

A plush towel jumpsuit with feet and a hood for warm and efficient drying. Comes in various sizes (tall, petite, plus size, xs, s, m, l, xl, etc.).

Machiavelli, Nov 30 2004


       Great for after diving, I'll take one. But I think I've seen something close to this for surfers....it was plush terrycloth, I'll have to check on the hood. But no booties, so [+].
normzone, Nov 30 2004

       Would it look like one of those baby-grow things? If you could get it marketed in a sexy way, it could take off - just got to get over the men-in-nappies images. Could look great on the ladies though. A more extravagantly furry one might suggest fur...But I'm taking this to places it wasn't intended.
zen_tom, Nov 30 2004

       Good for drying you, not so quick to dry itself, I'd imagine - one of the good things about conventionally-shaped towels is that they can hang flat to dry. The arms, legs, feet and hood of the suit would be slow to dry, since double layers of wet towel would be lying on each other. Still, the image is nice - I'll take one with leopard spots and a fluffy tail for patting my face dry please.
DocBrown, Nov 30 2004

       I used to know a woman who had made Clothes out of bath towels. I saw her one day in a black blazer, and she told me she even made dresses from towels in the sixties, and that other women thought they looked like "rochelle velvet".
-wess, Nov 30 2004

       Having tried to put on clothes after swimming without thoroughly drying first, it seems to me that it might be tough to put this suit on.
half, Nov 30 2004

       don't see why. it's loosish isn't it? I keep thinking about the doggy version.
po, Nov 30 2004

       Yep [tom], this would look like one of those baby-grow things. I wasn't thinking about looking sexy in one of these when I thought of it--I was too busy freezing my arse off. But the idea is open for improvement, so if you want to add fur, feathers and a split-crotch to this, by all means, go ahead! :)   

       [half], it wouldn't be difficult to get into when you're wet--it would probably feel the same way as when you're slipping into a bathrobe.   

       I'd love to see this woman's bath towel clothes, [wess] It just sounds so foulishly funny. Rochelle velvet. hee.
Machiavelli, Nov 30 2004

       Is this like a bathrobe with a hood & feet?
energy guy, Nov 30 2004

Machiavelli, Nov 30 2004

       OOOOh, I could bring it along for the annual charity bikini carwash.
"Ere ya go, miss - dry my bike wearing this."
Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004

       So long as it's for 'Charidee' [lbaf]! ;-)
gnomethang, Nov 30 2004

       You wash your bike wearing a bikini, [fort]? Sweet.
Machiavelli, Nov 30 2004

       [Machiavelli] actualy, i was wrong about the blazer, it was red, not black. She also had an orange "shell blouse"! She said she had worked for an ad agency back in the sixties, and one of the accounts was a towel company. they were trying to promote making towel clothes. she even had brochure with patterns for this client. she also showed me an clipping about the clothes, from the New York Times, they had her picture, with a caption like "her green dress is made from bath towels and looks like rochelle velvet".   

       I don't know what ever happend to her, haven't seen her for about 12 years, when Geo. H.W. Bush was campaining for re-election.
-wess, Nov 30 2004

       Oh, not me, [Mach] - there's a local charity event that encorporates some very beautiful girls in bikinis washing my motorcycle ... and other people's cars.   

       Even I'm horrified by the thought of myself in a bikini. <shudder>
Letsbuildafort, Nov 30 2004

Machiavelli, Nov 30 2004


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