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posture shock

taser you into health and welbeing
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It is widely agreed that there is good posture and bad posture, most posture experts agree on which is which, and most humans stubbornly continue to adopt bad posture even after having understood the benefits of good posture.

The problem is that the punishment/reward cycle is too long-term.

Suggested is a stand-alone exoskeleton in the form of a good posture, mounted with a huge array of small high-voltage spikes. You place the exoskeleton in position on your office chair, car seat, or dining room stool. Now, as soon as you start to slump, a brief sting from the spikes will twitch you back into good posture. Soon you will instinctively learn how to hold your body and limbs in such a way as to avoid being shocked.

pocmloc, May 30 2020

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       Have you been taking lessons from my step-dad again?
I mean, he would only stick us with a fork but the result is the same. Good posture, but slightly agitated when stood behind.

       are you supposed to wear this thing like a suit of armour?
po, May 30 2020

       I suppose there are different models, the most high-end is a kind of form fitting body suit with motion sensors, which uses a computer-controlled shock switching unit to detect healthy and unhealthy movements and postures and correct the unhealthy ones no matter what you are doing. The bottom end (as described) is a static framework attached to your chair. In the middle might be the suit-of-armour style. Perhaps that one will end up being the most successful - cheaper, more reliable, make a style statement when you are out and about.
pocmloc, May 30 2020

       This might help my posture but would work even better for my mental health. For some definitions of "better" at least.
sninctown, May 30 2020


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