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Mood Bar

Misery loves company
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This is kind of an extension of the Clientele Signifier idea. Have everyone who enters the bar choose anonymously from an extensive list of moods. Check all that apply, and update as needed. The aggregated results would be displayed outside the bar in real time, so if you want to sing and dance for joy, you know where to go, and if you want to cry into your beer, you know where to find sympathy. The moods might have to be weighted after some experimentation, otherwise "DRUNK" and "HORNY" could be overrepresented. We're trying to get a picture of your mental condition, not the simple fact that you're a college student.
Wisconsin, Feb 11 2005


       Windows do the same thing, without requiring guests to fill out any forms. I like parts of the idea, though. Rather than ckecklists, how about tiny bio-rhythm sensors on the rims of the glasses, which monitor and transmit levels of excitment to the bar's computer, which in turn alters lighting and music tempo and volume accordingly
Ganz Logisch, Feb 11 2005


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