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replacement corks and string for australian type hats

you can’t get them anywhere!
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looking forward to that trip out in the outback? hat looking a bit mangy? corks fallen off?

no time to drink the wine and thread them yourself? it’s a dying art I tell you - threading them corks. why, oh why, cannot you buy replacement corks with string?

there’s definitely a forgotten nook in the marketplace here for some entrepreneur

po, Dec 18 2004

(?) Cheap pommy imitation http://cgi.ebay.com...d=1&ssPageName=WD2V
[marked-for-expiry] e-bay junk [ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 18 2004]

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       Travelling to the outback?   

       Your hat must not lack.   

       With thread and needle   

       you could string corks, indeedle,   

       but spare your thumb   

       call the Corkeran Museum   

       Our corks are strung best   

       In the east or the west.
dentworth, Dec 18 2004

       trying to find a rhyme for 'down under'...not thunder, it's been done to death.   


       waltz matilda down under   

       and don't make a blunder   

       pretty lame, think I'll go get sommore coffee [po]
dentworth, Dec 18 2004

       Another antipodean business opportunity for Richard Branson?....Virgin Corks....
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 18 2004

       [dent] chunder, plunder, asunder, dunder...
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 18 2004

       wattle you pommy bastards think of next
benfrost, Dec 18 2004

       At the risk of sounding terribly provincial (which, not altogether strangely, comes quite naturally to me), what IS the purpose of that hat? [see CF's link] I cannot imagine the antipodean thought process which defined this particular "cork hat" as either stylish or practical.   

       It's enough to make one wonder if somehow Argentinian gauchos and aboriginal Australians and eccentric Californian beekeepers were somehow cross-channeling chapeau thoughts when they were interrupted by massive El Nino electric storms.
jurist, Dec 19 2004

       it's the guinness thing that cracks me up!
po, Dec 19 2004

       [jurist], An Australian Bridal Veil?
Ling, Dec 19 2004

       Heh!, [Ling]. Not much mystery to be found in those gaps, but a romantic notion nonetheless.
jurist, Dec 19 2004

       [jurist] These hats are absolutely unknown in the modern era - if you saw someone wearing one now...well as [UB] said, it would be a Japanese tourist or some pommy with sunstroke.   

       As to their purpose - the animated cork veil was simply to keep the flies out. We live on the driest continent on Earth, there aren't many of us humans, but there are about about 400 million large mammals and reptiles, which means we have mountains of dung everywhere and the fly population to match. Because it is so dry, the flies are usually desperate for moisture, so they are very persistent in trying to get into the corners of your eyes, into your mouth and up your nose. This is fine if they have been eating koala shit, because of the nice eucalyptus smell, but not so nice if they are straight off a python's half digested rat bolus.
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 19 2004

       So I was sorta right...We blame it on the gauchos, beekeepers and aborigines, all of whom have questionable couturier skills.   

       Thanks [Consul], for the definitive explanation.
jurist, Dec 19 2004

       fashions come and go in cycles and this one seems extremely sensible in the light of what CF says and so perhaps it's time to bring this hat back out of the closet.
po, Dec 19 2004


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