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shared personal audio

share your music with a friend and talk to them without needing to stop your music.
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How often have you been walking along with a friend talking - but also wanting to listen to music??

How about a pair of headphones that have a little microphone and blutooth built in. They operate like a normal pair of headphones, but if your friend is walking beside you they can tune their bluetooth in to your headphones which will broadcast their music to your headphones. The microphone means that you can talk to each other too.

Because it's blue tooth you and your friend can be out of normal talking earshot (i.e. in a busy city street) but still be able to talk and hear each other.

There are additional add-ons like both having a remote control to the walkman so you can both control the music or being able to open up the bluetooth connection so you can talk to other people with headphones - or just listen to their music etc etc

MartynH, Jun 11 2003

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       "Because it's blue tooth you and your friend can be out of normal talking earshot"
"Bluetooth" and "out of earshot" are mutually exclusive.

       We've done the music sharing idea before, but without the walkie-talkie aspect. I suspect there would be a fair amount of abuse with this, not to mention a certain amount of uncool. That said, welcome to the HalfBakery.
phoenix, Jun 11 2003

       In answer to the initial question posed: no.
waugsqueke, Jun 11 2003

       or rather - grammatically correct: 'never'.
moroder, Feb 01 2005

       Life Aquatic.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 01 2005


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