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Reversible Shirts

There's already shorts, pants, hats, why not shirts?
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I've already seen reversible jerseys for basketball, but I've never seen an actual reversible T-shirt.

Each side will have its own unique color/design.

vias7268, Jun 17 2007

(?) BAKED http://www.magellan...ClothingMS550?Args=
[nuclear hobo, Jun 17 2007]

reversible Tea-Shirts http://www.champion...m/html/aboutus.html
invented in WW II [xandram, Jun 17 2007]

Neither reversible... Buttinfront_20Fashions
...nor a T shirt [normzone, Jun 17 2007]


       ah, but that link is Californian not the east coast of the US. ;)
po, Jun 17 2007

       [po] that's because we are reversible.
xandram, Jun 17 2007

       wow pretty ugly huh?
vias7268, Jun 17 2007

       I have a reversible T shirt.
Texticle, Jun 17 2007

       I have a remote controlled T Shirt that's reversible.   

       [moved to category. Sp:"reversible" in title, fixed]
skinflaps, Jun 19 2007

       Looks pretty baked to me...
theleopard, Jun 19 2007


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