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Pre-Sweat-stained T-shirts

Give the appearance that you work much harder than you actually do.
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Hopefully more convincing than pre-stressed jeans.
21 Quest, Sep 07 2013

Next on the shopping list: permanent sweat smell? http://www.trendhun...rt-by-sweatyshirtco
[Ling, Sep 10 2013]


       It could be a line in an action movie. When the good guy gets a gun pulled on him he can say "sorry, I'm aready wearing my pre-crapped- pants".
rcarty, Sep 07 2013

       My natural sweat stains are not that attractive. For example there is common spot in the stomach area that advertises, "Hey that guy sweats a lot where most don't." If your T-shirt would camouflage there and some other places it would help.

       Warning or Radiation signs regarding the smell might be an attractive add on.
popbottle, Sep 08 2013

       Sorta baked in Steve Martin's "The Jerk" or was it "The Lonely Guy"?
UnaBubba, Sep 09 2013

       // For example there is common spot in the stomach area that advertises,

       So, you're suggesting a sweat redistribution tshirt, as it were. I can see some novelty factor in being the person who only perspires solely at the left shoulder.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 10 2013


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