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The Random Entertainment Carriage

Be entertained in motion and style.
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You're using public transport. Plane, train or bus. But now you have an option on how you spend your journey.

There's a section of your vehicle separate from the usual bit you sit in that you can choose to enter should you so desire. Mind, though, there may be a fee at the door, which is big, and looks to be soundproofed.

On entry, you are greeted by a random scene. Today, people are filming a Western. Omg, there's a dead horse! The next day, it's a psychedelic 60's disco with acid-splash projections all over the walls with appropriate music (think Midnight Cowboy). The day after, there's a huge screen running back to back Bugs Bunny cartoons. One day, it's completely dark, and there are strange gurgling sounds from the corners. And on Friday, you think you've been transmogrified into a Yeti 'cos the walls tell you that you're really high up a snowy slope that can only be the Himalayas...

Or you can sit in "normal" class and read the paper. Or nap. Or you can pick up the little card on the back of the seat in front of you and write down your suggestion for the setting of tomorrow's "random" carriage and post it in the box... it's your call.

If this has been baked, I apologise. There were so many ideas about livening up public transport, I confess I simply didn't have time to trawl them all, although I honestly did have a wee hunt.

Happy trip!

saker, May 07 2003

Singing carriage http://www.halfbake.../Singing_20carriage
[hippo, Oct 05 2004]


       I like the idea of the Himalayan Expedition Carriage
hippo, May 07 2003

       Oh, take me there, Merry Melodies
thumbwax, May 07 2003

       I have to take public transit and I'd be happy if customer's didn't always have a better than average chance of getting the reeking (of urine, b.o., god knows what) bus from hell.   

       I've often thought of these kind of improvements but 1st we'd need a decent main system. Till then .. I beg of you .. find a way to bake this (In Edmonton 1st please - City Slogan: Come for the Hockey. Stay for the Mall).
thecat, May 07 2003

       I'm not sure I understand: are you saying that a typical bus or train has enough room to have a working film studio in a 'back' room? ("people are filming a Western"). Doesn't seem possible.
krelnik, May 07 2003

       Takes no room at all, Krelnik. It's all holo-deck.
jurist, May 07 2003

       Sorry [jurist], no "holo-deck" required. New vehicles have space left aside to accommodate the idea. Buses are longer, maybe articulated as they often are in continental Europe, planes are longer, trains get an extra carriage. I think it'd be popular enough to more than pay for the design changes. Shooting a Western was maybe a bit daft, but there are plenty of other things you could put in there that wouldn't take up too much room. You could have "15 to 1" styleee quizzes. Pizza eating contests. Custard fights. Whatever, as long as it was random, every day. Give the people what they want. Imagine coming home in your best tin flute covered in Marmite...
saker, May 07 2003

       OK, I see now. In the U.S. you could get the makers of "Cracker Jacks" to sponsor it, and paint the buses so equipped like their product box with the requisite "Prize Inside!" annotation.
krelnik, May 07 2003


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