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spud pads

Potato meal saves lives
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Have you ever held a hand full of potato meal-water paste? It is soft and runny until you squeeze it or hit it, then it turns hard. Soft clopthing that instantly transforms into armor upon impact... or protection from falling down when learning to walk?
stringstretcher, Oct 27 2003


       I'm blonde. What's your excuse?
bristolz, Oct 27 2003

       The dilatant mixture of choice is usually custard here but what the hell.   

       Surely if you fell down, you'd want cushioning rather than armour.   

       I can't see how a soft clop thing would work either. My klop thing is made of wood and metal.
squeak, Oct 27 2003

       that's supposed to say "soft flopthing." sorry for the confusment
stringstretcher, Oct 27 2003

       how is falling onto a hard clopthing any different from hitting the ground?   

       but hey, welcome to the hb, been here long?
po, Oct 27 2003

       not yet.
stringstretcher, Oct 27 2003

       Soft flopthing....sighs.....the story of my life.   

       Welcome to the HB, stretchystringythingy
squeak, Oct 28 2003

       Ever tried surreptitiously to remove a dry blob of it from your mother-in-law's new sofa whilst she's in the room? Fun.
squeak, Oct 28 2003

       You fall down a lot, stringstretch?   

       Soft flopthing is no less confusing than soft clopthing.   

       What happens when it rots? I'm guessing it won't stop bullets, just punches to the jacket.
k_sra, Oct 28 2003

       Apologies for not filling it with custard, but potato custard just sounds awful. I thought everyone had a soft flopthing, I just don't know what you might call it, and you have to eat it before a certain date or it WILL rot! (Did I forget to mention that?) Thanks for the welcomes, you are a wonderful bunch of soft flopthings. Clopthings, I mean. OW! (I fell down, yes) Where did I leave those potato underwear...?
stringstretcher, Oct 29 2003

       Just to tell you, Stringy. My clopthing came in very useful yesterday evening as I beat the schnitzel into huge but wafer thin, elephants-ear size steaks. Mmmmm.   

       I don't think a soft flopthing would have produced the same result, not to mention the question of hygiene.
squeak, Oct 30 2003

       A lot of plain people have called me wierd, and a lot of weird people have called me plane! I am so confused about the flopthing myself that I need to go beat a schnitzel and see how that works.   

       What can one do with fishbones, BTW?
stringstretcher, Oct 30 2003

       string them together and you have a nice necklace, stringy.
po, Oct 30 2003

       Now i know why mash is called smash.
skinflaps, Oct 30 2003


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