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students practice math with texting

software app on phone asks a simple math question prior to creating texting opportunity. One math item solved permits ten or twenty texts, sociobeneficially you can get other people to solve the problems if you like, creating superlearners
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I used a math equation the other day, the only reason I remembered it was that I had learned it. Yet im pretty certain I worked less than 100, possibly less than 20 actual similar problems previously.

It occured to me that really easy, preferably enjoyable, math exercises could be a prequel to texting on the phones of kids with achievement oriented parents, who would specify the app.

A few references online say teenagers send more than 3000 texts per month(link). If the ratio of math problems to texts was 1:10 or 1:20 the teenager would do 300 instant rapid math exercises per month. as a lazy fool, I have to say that may well exceed the amount of math exercises I did as homework per month.

Now here is the sociobeneficial fun part. Any teenager could simply pass most of the exercises to another willing teen to accomplish, thus math specialist teens who casually did over 1000 math exercises per month completely voluntarily would occur. I think these people would tend to be unusually good at things as a result, benefitting society.

beanangel, Oct 09 2012

This reference says teens text 3300 texts per month http://www.cnn.com/...mashable/index.html
[beanangel, Oct 09 2012]

This reference says teens text 30 to 80 times a day (2400 times per month) http://www.dailytec...ay/article18172.htm
[beanangel, Oct 09 2012]


       I would have to pay someone to send my text messages then?
DIYMatt, Oct 09 2012

       [+] Why stop at math ? a grade/form text-pack could spout 3R's relevant questions/problems from week <x> of all curriculae.
FlyingToaster, Oct 09 2012

       ^we wouldn't even need schools anymore!
DIYMatt, Oct 09 2012

       "Would you like an easy ( 15 minutes free air ) or a hard ( 2 hours free air ) math problem ? eas/har"   

       Something like this would push a bit without screwing up their social life too badly. Both hard and easy would get harder as time passes. Truly Impossible math problems could also be available for the curious or bored.
popbottle, Mar 19 2017


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