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math skill coins

improve nations math skills with fractional coins.
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People have it too easy today, what with the prevalence of computing devices everywhere. As a result our basic math skills are dwindling. To combat this we should eliminate the nickel, dime and quarter and replace them with the trio, hepto and elevener. A trio is one third of a dollar (33 and 1/3 cents) . A hepto is one seventh of a dollar (14 and 2 sevenths of a cent). An elevener is one eleventh of a dollar. "How much for a cherry jawbreaker Mr Smith". "That will be 65 cents Jimmy" "Aw shucks, all I have are a trio and a couple of heptos, can I pay you the remaining 3.09 cents tomorrow?" "No problem Jimmy. Ill see you then"
robby, Aug 26 2003


       Give me four bees for a nickel.
lawpoop, Aug 26 2003

       Why can't you do the math with simple calculating machines? Oh... You mean by hand.. You should be able to do most math in head. Learning in the abstract forms without assigning to the objects should not be a problem. It's just has to be practiced. Should do with 1x1 = 1 to 20 x 10 = 200 and you should be fine.
artist, Aug 26 2003

       we don't you leach of that "electrified keyboard" idea, and wire microcircuitry into the coins so that it gives them an electric shock if they get it wrong???
Ossalisc, Aug 26 2003

       i can tell by my huge negative score, everyone is taking me seriously. its nice to have an audience i suppose.
robby, Aug 26 2003

       [C Trebor] I'm getting a headache just thinking about that proposal, and I don't know why.
Detly, Aug 26 2003

       //my huge negative score//   

       Five fishbones and two croissants is a huge negative score? Stick around...
FloridaManatee, Aug 26 2003

       how would multiplier coins work? to give everyone the same amount of money in such a system wouldn't you need to know how much money they had at the time - exactly - and hope to god that the amount of money they have, plus the amount your giving them... is evenly divisible by a number that could be given to them in prime coins...   

       All you would need to do to get more money than everyone else is to hide a few of your coins...
Ossalisc, Aug 27 2003

       the egyptian system of arithmetic worked entirely with fractions of the form 1/n. i wonder if they had fractional coins?
barkinghugh, Aug 27 2003

       unit fractions, yeah, they also discovered pi...
Ossalisc, Aug 27 2003

       Coins in base 2.   

       1 2 4 8 16 32 64... pennys
popbottle, Feb 22 2016

       And then more people would learn binary. [+] for that!   

       Also, multiplier coins should be their own idea.
notexactly, Feb 23 2016

       What is needed is a sort of collect-a-card game, a bit like Top Trumps (an unfortunate choice of name in the present climate). Children could challenge eachother to calculate or estimate the answers to algebraic or arithmetic questions formed by combining values and operators on the two cards being played, with a correct answer winning both cards, and a wrong answer losing both cards.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 23 2016

       aside: how on earth is there not a Top Trump Trumps? All the Donald's from different times in his career.
neilp, Feb 24 2016


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