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Add a dent, same as the first, to give uniquely new character.
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"I decided the dent added character" [Flying Toaster]

This idea is for an extra service by panel beaters (vehicle panel repairers). This service to the brought in vehicle ,where appropriate, adds a designer dent symmetrical to the original damage. Due to human's weighting that symmetry is beauty, job done*.

Everyone leaves with a stand out car.

* may include painting.

wjt, Jun 02 2020

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4fBbhyzE9A Father Ted.....car dents [xenzag, Jun 02 2020]


       I remember an anecdote about one of those high-end niche sports cars, the designer was showing the full-size clay mock-up to the high-ups, and the company chairman? owner? whatever's dog rushed in and took a bite, that became one of the lamp recesses.
pocmloc, Jun 02 2020

       See small clip from the best comedy series ever made.
xenzag, Jun 02 2020

       How is dent symmetry achieved? Might you, for example, make a cast of the original dent, mold something very hard in the same shape and then use something like a metal press to force a pristine body panel to conform to it? That wouldn't quite work, because it wouldn't give you the reflectional symmetry you're probably looking for - but, if not that, then what?
pertinax, Jun 02 2020

       //I remember an anecdote// my dad told of his parents: bought their first brand new car (a 1934 Terraplane), brought it home, parked it in front of the workshed, and got a pair of hammers... on the count of three, they simultaneously laid a ding into each of the front fenders, so they would never have to argue about who put the first dent in the new car.
lurch, Jun 02 2020

       Have you considered adding dents all over the metalwork, to give an attractive "hammered metal finish"?
Loris, Jun 03 2020

       There still has to be a level of art in the denting skill because the client has tastes and pays.   

       If the art is good, a little deeper it could to be, if tattoos are anything to go by.
wjt, Jun 04 2020


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