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talk more! student desk speedometers

the dollar store has 1$ LCD calculators An Ething that measures the amount of student speech could encourage quieter students to contribute more
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Fortunately they could sample this with phones duct taped to desks to see if it actually works. Preferably the quieter students voluntarily participate more

Also the software could be interesting Perhaps some speakers have a multiplicative response effect thus the display might urge these catalytic speakers to speak up

There is also a feminist technology application. Teachers could track what are published as gender asymmetric discussions then automatically prompt more women or girls to speak up

It might be reassuring to some students to have their "participation " grades quantifiable

beanangel, Jan 16 2017


       I kind of like the raw idea here, in some fashion; perhaps a basic app in the classroom that could identify each child's unique voice and simply display out a graph of who talked the most and least so that the teacher could focus on balancing them out somewhat. Quiet kids are going to be quiet kids, but I'd bet that there is some practical bias in the system as it stands now towards the more outgoing types.
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2017


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