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temporary phone app loaded via proximity

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There are already dedicated mobile phone apps for stores, such as ordering pizzas. While this is useful, it does occupy a not so insignificant amount of space in a user's mobile phone.

What would be better is if there is a standards where by 'tapping' or scanning a QR code, an app is transferred over wifi or bluetooth in a secure virtualized container. It will only remain as long as you are within the venue, or up to one day.

The temporary nature of this app will encourage more people to use app as needed, when the context demands it. It is also better for privacy, as the app will not remain forever. And plus its better for battery life as well by cosuming less resource.

Applications of such temporary apps:

* Order selection (Choose order, then tap and pay at a terminal) * Order complete alert. To remind you to pick up your order. * Product browsing * etc... Basically things that people might need now, but do not want stuck in their phone.

mofosyne, Feb 18 2014


       And then someone sticks their own QR sticker or bluetooth transmitter in place of yours and it now your "secured virtualized container" is home to a trojan. Better to not reinvent the wheel and just have a QR link to the app on Google Play /Apple App Store. Or do the stupid thing as a website so you don't need a silly app.
Spacecoyote, Feb 18 2014

       :/ well I guess at the very least the trojan will only last for one day until it is auto deleted.   

       Is there any existing solution to allowing for one 'touch' connection to a local network website? Problem with website, is the need for data connection on mobile phone to the internet.
mofosyne, Feb 18 2014

       //Is there any existing solution to allowing for one 'touch' connection to a local network website?//   

       Yes. Well, almost. Set up a AP that redirects any URL to your network site. When the user connects to that AP and opens their browser, they should get your site, unless they've configured their browser to default to a blank page.
Spacecoyote, Feb 19 2014


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