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Umbrellular Phone

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I never seemed to have a camera around at useful but unexpected moments - until those awfully clever people combined one with a cell-phone, which I seem to carry virtually everywhere. Now, when the use for a camera crops up, I usually have one to hand.

I only wish the same could be said for an umbrella.

The phone element would be installed at the perfect height position to lean into one’s ear whilst walking along with an umbrella. It could also offer a little privacy for calls in open public places. Along with wind-protection.

riknite, Sep 15 2009


       Forecast; calls for precipitation.   

       note that a parabolic design of an umbrella might allow you to operate without the phone stuck in your ear/mouth.
FlyingToaster, Sep 15 2009

       I don't understand, whether the idea is a mobile phone built into a standard umbrella, or an umbrella built into a standard mobile phone. The latter would be cool.
pocmloc, Sep 15 2009

       If this channelled the research and development capabilities of the mobile phone industry into umbrella development, we could expect to see a significant improvement in strength, stability and compactness (when folded) over currently existing umbrellas. (+)
Grim Fun Scenes, Sep 15 2009

       I say integrate the umbrella with the bluetooth earpiece, for a hands-free umbrella that clips onto your ear as you walk.
DrWorm, Sep 15 2009

       Invert satellite uplink mode, activate.   


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