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The Reel Cone of Silence

Phone Phishing disambiguation
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Gotye's twee ditty emanating annoyingly from an abandoned smartphone in your office for the umpteenth time? You need the Reel Cone of Silence!

It's similar to the head of a plunger, but is specifically designed to cover a phone lying on a desk in such a way that any ringtones are muffled. It's flatter, and has a fabric skirt to handle uneven surfaces covered in office clutter. Simply attach it to your rod & line and cast away!

Earn eternal gratitude from your long-suffering co-workers! Impress your colleagues with blind catches on the far side of partitions! Gain a reputation for trick moves like nudging the phone into the wastepaper basket!

You didn't have to wander off

Make out like you're not annoying and we're hearing nothing

And I don't even like that song

Now you're just a nuisance that I love to cone

oscil8, Jul 05 2012

//specifically designed to cover a phone lying on a desk in such a way that any ringtones are muffled// http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sledgehammer
[pocmloc, Jul 05 2012]

Not quite the same http://www.notonthe...mobile_phone_cosy_2
[hippo, Jul 05 2012]


       I'd quite like something which looks like a normal piece of desk clutter, such as a box file, or a large block of Post-It notes, but which is, in fact, a hollow box filled with sound-absorbing material. This anechoic fake desk ephemera would cleverly conceal and muffle irritating phone noises.
hippo, Jul 05 2012

       All I can think of is some sort of sound seeking missile.   

       No wait, how about something called an annihilophone, that looks like a xylophone, but instead of various chimes you place phones on the beams and smash them with a hammer.
rcarty, Jul 05 2012

       [rcarty] that is a genius idea. Because, whereas on a xylophone, the sound is created as a result of you hitting the bars with the mallet, on your annihilophone, the sound actually _causes_ the operator to strike the phones with the sledgehammer. I would pay to see a maestro performance on this instrument.
pocmloc, Jul 05 2012

       With accurate enough target acquisition, perhaps the Dial-a-Smite service could be of use?
RayfordSteele, Jul 06 2012


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