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virtual cemetery flowers

Send donations in lieu of flowers? You can have both!
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There are virtual cemeteries. They generally offer a web page per dead person, with photographs and text written by the paying family. Some offer guest books or discussion boards.

For real graves and real burials, people buy flowers. They are expensive and go away after a while. Sometimes, people are asked to make donations rather than buy flowers.

A virtual cemetery could let people buy a "flower". The flower would be an entry in a database and a GIF visible on the web page.

The GIF changes over the long-term. (At first it's just a little bud, then it flowers into full bloom, then it looks a bit brown around the edges and finally vanishes completely, in the course of, say, a year.)

The money for the flower would be donated to a charity picked by the owners of the virtual gravesite.

Different flowers (or other changing symbols, it doesn't have to be flowers; maybe candles burning down, etc.) can be associated with different charities.

jutta, Apr 15 2000

"Digmeup.com" idea http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Digmeup.com
leggless: check here. [Jim, Apr 15 2000]


       Buddhists will be able to decorate virtual graves with flowers which bloom, wither, decay and rot into compost from which a new flower grows, which in turn blooms, withers, and so on in a never-ending cycle.
hippo, Aug 11 2000

       What about a live link to the inside of the coffin so you can watch your loved ones rot
leggless, Aug 14 2000

       Jews have already figured the wilting problem out. We put rocks on gravestones. Very economical.
oooga, Nov 22 2000

       "Good Grief"
thumbwax, Nov 22 2000

       Id rather give a "Virtual donation". For example,a "Spinning $100 bill"...
Pretoria, Jan 10 2002


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