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water floor

be at the beach all day
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have a thin layer of warm, clear water and perhaps ontop of a layer of sand or moss.the feeling of walking in water on soft sand or soft moss all day would be great on bare feet and vary theriputic and relaxing. the water would have to be put throw a filter and heated but this would get rid of alot of dust and sweeping floors. having a moss base would need a much more filtration becuase of organic material breaking off and floating around and insects that would undoubtenly start living in the moss.the water could be lit up with lights that would go around the intire perimater of the pool and depending on what type of lights, help to heat the water. you would have to wear flood pants or shorts all the time or just roll pant legs up. The entrace of your house would have a bathroom tile or fine cement cast (like at swimming pools) to store your shoes as you switch from the concrete wourld to the aquatic one. stairs would also have to be a bathroom tile or fine cement cast too and would be water free to stop slipping unless you wanted to take the risk and have a waterfall. (apoligize for any spelling mistakes, it's genetic :P)
i-Mer, Apr 24 2003

Our great new water floor. http://www.personal...ters.com/water2.jpg
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Trench foot, anyone?
dustmonkey, Apr 24 2003

       Nice (apart from the Trench foot). Stairs should be included, with water cascading down them from the floor above.
hippo, Apr 24 2003

       walk with fish.   

       initially I disliked this because of the whole athletes foot thing and the fact that it would be horrible in winter with all those icebergs and vacuuming would be a pain but its growing on me somewhat.
po, Apr 24 2003

       Little cleaner wrasses could pick the diseased flesh from between your toes.   

       Problem solved.
FloridaManatee, Apr 24 2003

       I'm just worried about the leeches in a freshwater floor, And the amazing slip hazard. I'd have to change legs as well as shoes when I got home.
oneoffdave, Apr 24 2003

       This is fine in its whimsy, but I used to have a basement recording / rehearsal / arts studio that would tend to flood and it was terrible. Armed with mops, wet-vacs and de-humidifiers, we waged a ceaseless battle with mildew and mold. It was exhasting and uncomfortable.   

       I guess I'm not approaching the idea in the right spirit, though.
snarfyguy, Apr 24 2003

       The dog would absolutely love it. The cat, not so much.
Amos Kito, Apr 24 2003

       Fuck this. I hate water.
The Kat, Apr 24 2003

       Obligatory sleeps with the fishes Post
thumbwax, Apr 24 2003

       I very much like this idea. Sand though... no moss thanks.
waugsqueke, Apr 24 2003

       Always remember to stand on a chair while plugging in your iron.
Worldgineer, Apr 24 2003

       you would want it to be salt water. fresh water would get nasty.
bmadigan1, Aug 18 2004


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