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wearable roller blades

roller blade wheels wear away as you wear them until the change of seasons when inner steel blade is exposed
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These roller blade wheels wear away through use to expose inner pizza cutter style ice skating wheels. The unworn portion of the wheel stabilizes the blade for ice skating.
rcarty, Dec 02 2013

Possible and plausible but improbable Video of Rollerblades on Ice. wearable_20roller_2...des/addlink#addlink
this is where I say "Ill be needing one of those rough moutherfuckers" or is it the sound of a ruffling coat [rcarty, Dec 03 2013]

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       // pizza cutter style ice skating wheels //   

       ...was listed under 'official cause of death'
Alterother, Dec 03 2013

       I'll do a first person perspective grainy camera footage attempt at roller blading on ice for the Internet cause of death video. Just rollerblades on ice.
rcarty, Dec 03 2013

       If you chilled the pizzas down enough, you could just use pizzas instead. Sort of pyrkete, but with mozarella.   

       As part of group,most people could have the super-frozen pizzas, with one or two with the pizza cutters, so at the end of a practice session they could cook the pizzas. And slice them.
not_morrison_rm, Dec 03 2013

       Maybe skating on a great big oily, tomato and dough covered pizza pan in bare feet. Or smashing your face into the ice and pushing off against the cold numb surface. Your hands slipping coldy in the tomato sauce like surface.
rcarty, Dec 03 2013


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