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What's going on today?
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A web site/database that keeps track of generic, calendar-related information.

The index page is broken out by subject:

Each section contains *generic* information regarding events than can/should be done that day: {in the Automobile section}
"This week marks the beginning of the second quarter. Maintenance due includes:
Oil Change
Brake Check
Treadwear Check"

{in the Gardening section}
"This week marks the beginning of Fall. Time to trim those rose bushes back."

Anyway, that's the gist of it. No, the major sections are not personalized - that's the point. When it comes to car maintenance, etc. you'll have to get on the web site's schedule. Yes, you'll be able to print out a weekly calendar of events you choose.

I can envision a pay-fer service (Baked) that allows you to keep a private or company-related calendar at the same site. The paid service should allow you to open up your calendar or portions of it to other people so they can pencil their own appointments into your schedule (like Outlook/Exchange and Notes/Domino). Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere will be accomodated with a reversal of the appropriate sections (like Gardening).

phoenix, May 30 2002

LifeMinders http://www.lifeminders.com
I'm pretty sure this is it, but it's very slow coming up so I can't check. Be warned, if you subscribe, it's hell to get out of it. [waugsqueke, May 31 2002]


       I hope that [UnaBubba] won't be using the same schedule as you.
angel, May 31 2002

       You'n me both, Rods.   

       So everybody gets their oil changed on the same day? To the extent that the site is popular, that means that oil change prices will go up during the week that the calendar suggests oil changes (check the price of roses at Valentine's Day if you don't believe me). Which means that people using the calendar will start to look for dates other than that suggested by the calendar for their oil changes. Which means that the calendar will be less useful for them.   

       So the more popular the site is, the less popular it will be.
beauxeault, May 31 2002

       This is baked, but I'll be damned if I can remember the name of it. It's life-something or other... I know that I signed up for it once just to check it out, and it took me months to get them to stop sending me crap.   

       If I think of the name, I'll post it. But it's exactly this sort of thing - you can add your own reminders to it as well.
waugsqueke, May 31 2002

       Here we don't trim back the rose bushes until Spring when the birch leaves are the size of mouse ears.
FarmerJohn, May 31 2002

       How big do the mice have to be?
angel, May 31 2002

       [waugsqueke] Thanks for the link. I can't get it to come up, either (How ironic that a calendar site times out?). If I get it open and it's close to what I'm suggesting, I'll delete this idea.
phoenix, May 31 2002


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