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xerox karaoke

copying chanteur
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Ever stood by the photocopier waiting for your 100 page document to finish copying. You start humming a little tune, the guy behind you joins in...what if you could both grab a mic and BELT out that tune- the words would come up on the xerox display window, the repetitive flash of the copier would add a glitzy performance feel and before you know it you're a rock and rock legend and the photocopier is your new best friend
stapler, Oct 07 2003

Stapler's Xerox http://www.xerox.co...try=USA&Xlang=en_US
in need of a karaoke implant [neilp, Oct 17 2004]


       [stapler] has had a "genius" office idea again. What the hell, I'm sure everybody's going to love it so I may as well make it look like I'm with the in crowd... croissant.
jamieb, Oct 07 2003

       I like it too, honest.
it would be really handy to have something useful to do whilst waiting for it to finish. perhaps the xerox should have a bottle opener too, for obvious reasons.
neilp, Oct 07 2003

       How about "Xerox Videogames"? I could get into playing "Tetris" or "Breakout" as I'm waiting for my documents to copy and collate
muzer, Oct 07 2003

       I put some magazines near the copier. I'm amazed that this isn't done worldwide.
phundug, Oct 07 2003

       what [muzer] said - genius !. Perhaps it would do them faster/slower depending on your prowess
neilp, Oct 07 2003

       Please, no. Have some mercy for the people who have to sit near the photocopier.
waugsqueke, Oct 07 2003

       [neilp], [jamieb] and [stapler] do you guys live in the same house or something? Seems like you annotate in lockstep with each other on many different ideas.
krelnik, Oct 07 2003

       games at the photocopier? nope, no thank you. I'm with [waugsqueke] here.

Get back to your desk Stapler, I've told you before!
jonthegeologist, Oct 07 2003

       [krelnik] I think they may all work in the same office, discussing halfbakery ideas whilst photocopying. probably.
jonthegeologist, Oct 07 2003

       "And another thing... your rents due !"
skinflaps, Oct 07 2003

       How about just having the copier wired into your PABX, so that it can ring you and tell you when it's finished.   

       Even better, maybe it could just email you the copies when it's done, and save you the return trip!   

       That way you can go back to your desk and do something useful instead of waiting... like posting on Half-Bakery.
the_jxc, Oct 07 2003

       ha ha ha, I love this idea. I love it when people are dragged to karaoke bars by their boyfriends/girlfriends and hate every minute they spend there. I would buy this photocopier just to see the magnificent display of disgust grimaces one same person can create. +
Pericles, Oct 10 2003

       [the_jxc] soo baked. See link for [stapler]'s current xerox of choice
neilp, Oct 10 2003

       Genius. Karaoke always seems like such a brilliant idea at the time... although I'd have to have used the bottle opening attachment several times first! Top idea though. Gotta get the album - we can call it (wait for it) the Paper Jam Sessions! Ha ha!
moomintroll, Oct 27 2004

       I'm intrigued to see if [stapler] has the self-discipline to continue posting only office-based ideas, or if he will just have to give in and post that great ski-lift / gorilla-feeder plan he thought up in the bath'. [+]
wagster, Oct 27 2004

       [wags].. If there's a stationery fan in the world, it's [stapler], I feel sure she is unlikely to be persuaded into the fripperies of solving the world's smaller problems.
neilp, Oct 28 2004


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