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zzzzzz... (sound asleep)

mattress safe
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available in single (his & hers available), double & king-size.

this discreet burglary resistant (padded) safe is made from heavy gauge solid steel and is secreted away inside the mattress.

the door is hidden (in the side) under a flap of matching mattress fabric and has a four number combination lock.

the lock requires accurate alignment of the inner and outer dial rings (so it’s a good idea if there is no-one in the bed at the time who is sleeping fitfully and jigging the bed about).

if you simply have to write the numbers down (poor memory and all that) then be sure to keep them safe.

sleep well!

po, Sep 04 2004


       cool. secret compartments are always good. seems like it might be a tad uncomfy. why not put the safe into the boxspring?
schematics, Sep 04 2004

       "Bags I sleep on the other side!"
gnomethang, Sep 04 2004

       "Better safe and sore than sorry and poor."
FarmerJohn, Sep 04 2004

       You mean all that loose change from fold-out couches came from a safe?
thumbwax, Sep 04 2004

       I just cannot believe that all this exists after the crash. this is just some extreme macrame!   

       I just wish I could have helped with the knitting...
po, Oct 07 2004

       Didn't you do this one before?
DrCurry, Oct 07 2004

       po, the link you restored in your 'hb homepage' from geocities is dead.
pashute, Feb 24 2011

       <rubs eyes> when I have a mo, I will put it on flickr. cheers!
po, Feb 25 2011

       [po]... I'm not sure if it was you or... Yahoo! small business (huh?), but somebody just rickrolled me pretty good there. I second [pashute]'s anno.   

       [+] all the same, and for [FJ]'s quote.
absterge, Oct 22 2015

       Alphabetically, this is the very last idea on the 'bakery.   

       [po], turn the lights off on your way out. Thx.
wagster, May 18 2020

       Wow. Will do.
po, May 25 2020

       Whoa, what a wonderful place for it to have landed. Last but not least.
blissmiss, May 25 2020


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