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22 Rentisham's Traditional Flenting Wax  [MaxwellBuchanan]
  note ... of the late Guy 'Boffo' Rentisham himself, ...
  note ... I can't wait to tell Boffo - he will be most ...
  note /I can't wait to tell Boffo/ /the late Guy ...

9 pre-girded loins  [not_morrison_rm]
  note ... All I can say is that Boffo would not be at all ...
  note ... sure it was Boffo who introduced ...
  note ... sure it was Boffo who introduced ...

4 Keyring smoke alarm  [Osborn]
  note ... lighter. Boffo idea, by the way.
  note Boffo?
  link Boffo

3 Rubberella  [xenzag]
  note ... pale imitations. Boffo did once start a ...
  note ... a rare instance of Boffo's generosity ...
  note ... In addition, Boffo knew that a healthy ...

2 Adhesive Tape Player  [Amos Kito]
  note Boffo!

2 SIPA (Stop Illegal Prostitution Act)  [21 Quest]
  note I'd say that this is boffo... but I'd be ...
  note isn't boffo, a duck?

2 Toroidal magnetic battery  [csea]
  note Boffo.
  note Who'se Boffo?

1 100-Pin Bowling  [phundug]
  note Boffo.

1 Aquatic Fauna  [2 fries shy of a happy meal]
  note Boffo.

1 BouncyBallSnow CastlePitGlobe  [2 fries shy of a happy meal]
  note ... bouncing so much. Boffo idea anyway +

1 Carton/Bookholder  [flypaper]
  note Boffo [flypaper].

1 dog-waterproofing  [Buri]
  note Not quite. Boffo Rentisham went on a ...

1 Eutectic Cup  [bs0u0155]
  note ... going to have to let Boffo know about this. ...

1 Fast track supermarket queues  [kaz]
  note Boffo. ...

1 Grain storage containers to feed the world  [django]
  note Boffo, if it works.

1 Inconspicuous Braille  [nilstycho]
  note ... dog tells them.<br>Boffo idea, it might even ...

1 Lacquer France  [MaxwellBuchanan]
  note Never did Boffo any harm. Well, ...

1 Rain Jacket with tails  [i-Mer]
  note ... I'll say parka. Boffo idea, but I'd prefer ...

1 Rescue-o-matic  [RayfordSteele]
  note Boffo idea.

1 Streetview Live 2  [doctorremulac3]
  note ... toned-down fashion. Boffo dislikes the idea ...

1 Telescope Farm  [DrCurry]
  note Boffo idea. How about ...

1 thanks!  [jutta]
  note Boffo has declared today a ...

1 Trolley height adjuster  [kaz]
  note Boffo idea. I considered ...

1 Tusk dye  [FloridaManatee]
  note ... an impact, but it's boffo in its own right.

1 Use spare tire to parallel park  [Spare parts]
  note Boffo!

1 Your Name in Lights  [MaxwellBuchanan]

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