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SIPA (Stop Illegal Prostitution Act)

Hit the politicians where it hurts
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It is a well known fact that many married politicians are unfaithful, frequenting brothels and strip clubs. So let's hit them with a new proposed piece of legislation: SIPA.

What this does is allow neighborhood watch programs, Women's Rights groups, and the ACLU to file suit to shut down any taxi cab company that delivers clients to clandestine places of vice such as strip clubs, Asian 'massage' parlors, and brothels. It also allows these organizations extra legal rights to shut down phone book companies and online search engines that have listings for suspected vice clubs or adult escort services.

21 Quest, Jan 22 2012


       You're kidding, right? [-]
Grogster, Jan 22 2012

       Gots to be.
blissmiss, Jan 22 2012

       Fine satire but not really an idea [+/-]
Voice, Jan 22 2012

       I'm so glad I live in Europe.
xenzag, Jan 22 2012

       [-] for the idea but [+] for the satire.
DIYMatt, Jan 22 2012

       Is europe really better? you guys have the RIPA act to deal with. (i know that has nothing to do with piracy, but still it bothers me)

       Personally I prefer the peace of mind of legally purchased digital content. I think piracy would be less of an issue if the pricing was more reasonable.
bob, Jan 22 2012

       //I'm so glad I live in Europe.//
The interweb has no borders, [xenny] me old mate.

       [21Q] forgot to mention the need to close the streets that lead to either the clients' addresses or to the "clandestine places of vice".
methinksnot, Jan 22 2012

       Yeah, I also forgot meth labs and crack houses...
21 Quest, Jan 22 2012

       What we really need to be concerned about isn't SOPA but ACTA, which is international. And scary.
DIYMatt, Jan 22 2012

       What we really need to be concerned about is why you keep voting for these people.
DrBob, Jan 22 2012

       Coming soon: SODA (Stomp Out Drugs Act)
21 Quest, Jan 22 2012

       //What we really need to be concerned about is why you keep voting for these people.//

       Ron Paul 2012!!!
DIYMatt, Jan 22 2012

       //... is why you keep voting for these people.//

       You? You who!?
21 Quest, Jan 22 2012

       I'd propose a ban on frivolous acronyms in legislation, but I can't think of a title that can be shortened into a catchy acronym...
Alterother, Jan 22 2012

       BOFA. Ban on Frivolous Acronyms.
21 Quest, Jan 22 2012

       //You? You who!?//

[points finger vaguely towards the middle distance]
Yes, you!
DrBob, Jan 23 2012

Unwanted Frivolous Acronyms In Legislation
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 23 2012

       I'd say that this is boffo... but I'd be lying.
F.U.B.A.R. maybe?

       I think you severely misunderstand who is the prostitute when it comes to politicians.
Zimmy, Feb 10 2012

       isn't boffo, a duck?
po, Feb 10 2012


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