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This user account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004. If it is yours, please send e-mail to <bakesperson@gmail.com> to claim ownership.

[Oct 04 2004]
 3 Axis Variable Geometry Wings
 All devices Networked
(-4) Baseball with American Football
(-6)(-6) Beebee gun fight
 Buddy timer
(+1) Bulldozer capture the flag
(+1) Carpooling website
 Cash Card
 Copyright Protection
(-1) Drowning game
(+1, -2) Egg Serial Numbers
(-1) Elevator button game.
(-1) Eye Mouse
 Gas Security for Airplane
 Introduction Page
 Magnetic and Optically read disk
(+5) Methane Fuel Cell
(-2) Portable Shower
(+2) Prisoner Tech Support
 Radar guided Antimissile gun
 Radioactive food preparer
 School Start Time
(-1) Speed Up lights.
(-1) Static electric propulsion
 Stealth Pods
 Stealth Tracking Radar
(+1) Sugar Fuel Cells
 Thought controlled mouse
(+2, -1) Top View movie theatre

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