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Bulldozer capture the flag

Bulldozer capture the flag.
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This sport would include 2 teams of 1 or more player per team. Each team will have a series of bullzdozers and backhoes specialy equiped with cutting devices and other things in a dirt arena. Each team may build fortifications out of the dirt and trench lines to defend each teams flag. The flag must be captured like capture the flag and you may hit other bulldozers and cut other bulldozers hydraulic lines with the cutting mechanisms to win the battle. The game would start with a huge trench dividing the two sides up so each team would have to push dirt to fill in the trench or construct a bridge to get accross. As well as bulldozers each team will have Electromagnetic pulse cannons and traps to disable other teams bulldozers and each team will be equiped with jump start buggies wich would be used to restart the bulldozer has been disabled. Each team will have paintball guns so when a person is hit with a paintball then they are eliminated from the match, so the driver of a bulldozer that has been disabled maybe shot and the bulldozer captured and used by the opposing team.
JoeLounsbury, Nov 08 2003

Half Baked by Sociopath http://www.rockymou..._21_2940309,00.html
Guy had it in for many people in town, so he armored up a 53 ton D9. Some quick thinking citizens slowed him down with an even larger D11. [Knife Knut, Jan 19 2005]

UnderWater Dozer Picture http://offroadrepub...rwaterbulldozer.jpg
Bulldozer outfitted with snorkel and remote controls. [Knife Knut, Jan 19 2005]


       All kinds of of earthmoving equipment can participate. Little skidder-loaders(AKA Bobcats) which would be fast, but would be easy to tip over. Excavators which could dig ditches and also help upright knocked over machines. Front end loaders as giant multipurpose machines.   

       You would deffinitely need some trees on the battlefield, which would be handy for fortifications and such.   

       Give a Set-up time that each side can build in without fear of assault. Another rule, which would reduce injuries, would be that enemy machines are not allowed to molest disabled machines belonging to the opposite side. Or maybe even remote control machines.   

       As for cutting hydraulics, do some research on presurized hydraulic fluid injuries and I think you will agree with me that cutting is a bad Idea. Also, this would make the sport more expensive, and in a niche sport like this expenses would be important. As for paintballs, the cab of each machine would be quite well armored, so they would not work.   

       Heck this would be a pretty good computer game!
Knife Knut, Jan 19 2005


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