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* The System, 2003 edition

The concept is a perennial need. The implementation, by necessity, must evolve.
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The original(?) 1968 edition is a pamphlet reprinted in Free's monograph titled "Revolution For The * of It". It is a short treatise on the art and science of cheap living, seasoned with a little social commentary. It contains many ideas for reducing the cost of living and (we hope) the "opportunity cost" of participating in the dissident subculture of that time. Many (but by no means all) of these ideas are ethically questionable on 8th Commandment grounds. Nevertheless, it is not merely a rant but a collection of genuinely innovative ideas with concrete suggestions for tangible implementations, something largely lacking in most activist rhetoric. It's also a pretty entertaining read. Unfortunately, the information in it is largely obsolete. For example, vending machines are a little more sophisticated these days. I imagine textbook publishers are now putting a little more effort into weeding people who aren't really faculty types from requests they receive for "free samples" of their products. Postage-paid "business reply" envelopes have largely been replaced with postcards or with non-prepaid stationery.

I propose an updated edition. I suggest a more morally scrupulous approach, as well as what might be called a "systems approach" rather than merely a collection of ideas. The idea would be to come up with cheap living strategies that are not just clever and feasible but OPTIMIZED. Modern collaborative methods should allow for a more sophisticated document authoring method than was possible in 1968, and at little or no cost. Diplomacy is (in itself) never a bad idea so a less confrontational title might be preferable.

LoriZ, Apr 16 2003

Revolution for the Hell of It http://xaosearch.co...the_Hell_of_It.html
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Book cover http://www.lib.ucon...nForTheHell_jpg.jpg
[phoenix, Oct 05 2004]

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Corporate Mofo http://www.corporatemofo.com/
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more morally scrupulous http://freegan.info/?page_id=2
[jaksplat, Nov 29 2009]

Ask, and ye shall receive... http://feedproxy.go...nt-protest-ows.html
"Navigation of the complex legalities of sleeping/living in an urban, public space (park, square) Every major city has a thicket of regulations in place to prevent people from congregating, let alone sleep overnight." [LoriZ, Oct 10 2011]


       //Modern collaborative methods should allow for a more sophisticated document authoring method than was possible in 1968, and at little or no cost //   

       Maybe you should get one one of those "internets."
snarfyguy, Apr 16 2003

       //"Revolution For The * of It"//   

       it's okay so swear a little bit here as not to confuse your audience. if [unaubba] can call me a "sniveling cunt" then i think you can get away with the "h" word.
neo_, Nov 28 2009

       ??? seems entirely WIBNIFty. Sure, that book you would like to have re-written, why not? I don't think that this is really the place (my personal support aside)
WcW, Nov 29 2009

       "hell" does make the most sense for that *. Swear words invoking body parts (example: the c word) might imply that the motives of the reader as regards the Revolution were less than pure.
bungston, Nov 29 2009

       Well done [LoriZ] this is the first freegan thing I have seen taken to fruition. Granted it was yours in the first place.
4whom, Oct 10 2011

       meta-let's-all? Not that I'm against that.
pertinax, Oct 11 2011


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